Using electronic signature software: The benefits for your business

Today’s business success consists of many parts. Persistence and hard work, human resource management, marketing strategies, analytics, product or services quality — this is a shortlist of what you need to progress. 

One of such decisions will concern new technology implementation. And such technology is e-signature software. Trust us, this is the right time to implement it! Some software you may use to add to your convenience and attract new customers, like email signature software. But an electronic signature gives you more. It is vital for security and workflow. Wanna know more? Read on!

What an electronic signature is

An electronic signature is a counterpart of a wet one. A signer can use it in digital transactions of different kinds, just as if they would sign a paper document. E-signatures are applicable in submitting reports, applying to government agencies, filing claims, etc.

More and more companies are ready to switch to the e-signature process and replace wet signatures completely. Such popularity can be explained by several advantages that electronic signature offers. Let’s discuss the main reasons to use it in your business. 

Time is money, haven’t you heard?

An electronic digital signature saves time. No one can deny that it is imperative in the modern world. When you need a couple of signatures on this or that document, you won’t need to wait when it gets delivered to every signatory. This fastens the working process by more than 50%. Documents don’t have to be printed in the first place. And what is even more important, they don’t have to be reprinted if there is a small typo in them. You can edit them in digital form and resend to the signatory in minutes. Among other factors, it ensures quick exchange of any documents, which is very beneficial for business in any sphere. 

Saving money on e-signature 

Companies using digital signature software report a significant decrease in corporate expenses, and the sums they provide are astonishing. One may confront this statement, claiming that this software is rather pricey. But in reality, its cost can’t be compared to what you waste on wet signatures. Just imagine that you won’t have to spend money on: 

  • Paper and stationary.
  • Toner for your printers.
  • Processing paper documents.
  • Delivery guys only hired to transfer papers. If you are worried about people who can lose their jobs, let them get busy with something else. There are plenty of other things to do for this staff in any company. 

While cost reduction and effective time-management are great motivators, it is not nearly all. Like some other types of large and small business-software, e-signature can give you outstanding benefits.  

Security matters 

An e-signature is harder to fake. It is more reliable than the wet one, which minimizes the risk of fraudulent activities. Top electronic signature software companies guarantee the protection of a document from unauthorized changes and its integrity.

The parties may use any type of electronic signature, according to the agreement they have made. But to have more security, you can choose an e-signature of a higher probative value. 

Saving paper: Extra perk for customer experience

New marketing strategies are primarily focused on the customer experience. That is why C-suites work out the ideas of how to make their products and services suitable and fittable in each consumer’s lifestyle. People’s values and beliefs can’t be ignored, as long as a company wants to achieve anything. 

In the contemporary world, environmental awareness grows because people have finally opened their eyes (maybe, because of the accessibility of information) and saw that the Planet needs more care. In this perspective, a lot of businesses try to show that they do care. But ‘fake it till you make it’ approach doesn’t work here. People wait for action. 

You can donate money to numerous foundations, reduce plastic use in your office, or help animal charities. These are all great ideas. But if you still keep wasting paper to print numerous forms and contracts, it all looks superficial. E-signature software doesn’t cost more than some small business accounting software, for example. So, why wouldn’t you take this small but very meaningful step to make our world better? And not just to please your clients, although they will be pleased to know that, for sure.

How to start using an electronic signature

The market segment of e-signature services is expanding exponentially, from the most sophisticated computer programs to iOS and Android apps everyone can use. To start with, choose a reliable provider. This can be Adobe Sign, SutiSign, SignEasy, KeepSolid Signed, OneSpan, and many more. Whenever you pick what is right for you, find customers’ reviews and testimonials online, compare the prices, and learn about their software key features and perks. Some providers will grant you a free-trial period to check out if their services are suitable for you. 

An increasing number of organizations, especially with a large number of contractors, choose e-signature these days. They have already appreciated the advantages of this technology, and you, too, can do that easily by implementing high-quality signature software. 

Thomas is a high-tech entrepreneur and an online business coach for everyone who wants to accomplish their goals. He is writing for the most credible sources and keeps a blog touching upon the acutest topics in business and finance. Thomas truly believes that any business needs constant development — and that, first of all, implies management. His main focus is developing a design for online slots