What you can’t store in self storage

Find out what should not be stored in self storage so that you can continue to abide by the law with your self storage use.

Although self storage might seem very simple and run of the mill, there are actually lots of funny stories and interesting tales relating to what people store. Most often it relates to what shouldn’t be stored, or what people attempt to store.

Although this can often result in a story to tell, it also can lead to you being banned from the unit, or depending on the contract you can be prosecuted.

To help you avoid becoming a funny story, or worse, here are the items you definitely can’t store in self storage:

Animals (dead or alive)

There are some pretty horrible stories about self storage units being used to house pets whilst people are on holiday. Hunters using units to store their catch, or exotic animal owners using the space for feed. None of these things are acceptable for self storage.


You should never set up residence inside your self storage unit for any reason. It is not insured as accommodation for anything but your belongings.

Flammables, toxic materials, combustible materials or anything toxic

Items like biological waste, chemicals, drugs, corrosives, paint strippers and anything similar are very dangerous and should never be placed in self storage. If you are ever unsure on whether an items comes under this category it is worth asking the unit owner.


Tyre storage tends to cause issues with unit owners because they commonly get left behind and cost a lot to be removed.

Anything illegal

Anything you cannot legally own at home without a license is not allowed to be stored in your unit.

Anything stolen

It should go without saying that anything stolen can’t be stored in self storage but, it can actually attract those wanting to store their illegal goods. Needless to say you shouldn’t be stealing and if you do, you can’t store those things legally in cheap self storage.


You can actually store tinned food but bags of pet food, raw foods and items that can perish are not allowed.


The latest plant trend has seen an explosion in households buying and growing all kinds of plants. Unfortunately you can’t store those things in cheap self storage though. Instead, why not store clutter in self storage to make room for more plants at home?

Anything for direct sale to customers

By this, we mean that you cannot have items in your unit that you then have people come and buy, as though the unit is a shop. Some facilities do allow businesses to run out of units but this will almost always not include the ability to sell directly to the public on the property.


As much insurance is needed for a self storage unit cash is not something that is covered. Seek out specialist storage for cash and valuables like very expensive jewellery as they are designed to protect items of such high value.

Hopefully you have a clearer understanding of what cannot be stored in your unit, so that you always abide by the law. If you are every unsure you should ask the self storage facility owner for advise.