What to look for in cooling tower inspection

It is essential to have regular and thorough cooling tower inspection to maintain its efficiency and prolong the life span of the cooling tower.

As you schedule an inspection there are several things to consider concerning the Cooling Tower Manufacturer.

Tower covering

During the inspection, one must always look for holes or cracks and deterioration of any kind as well as any kind of air leaks between panels. One should ensure that the hardware that connects the casing to the structure is in good condition. The steel casing should be checked to see if it has any build-up of scales or any corrosion. The wood casing can be checked to see if there are any signs of decayed wood. In case of fiber, glass casing check to see if there is some cracking or indication of brittleness.

Ensure that the access doors are tightly shut whenever the tower is operating and that there are also operating properly. In the case of asbestos covering you must replace as soon as possible due to the hazardous nature of this kind of material.


If there is a steel tower it is important to check it for any signs of corrosion also check if the bolted joints are still tight. The welded joints should be checked for any correction evidence where you are dealing with galvanized steel towers. Concerning wood always check for any kind of wood decay, especially through cracks or fractures. In the inspection of the wood is to be done visually and also by tapping it with a hammer. A low dull pitch will indicate softness in the wood while a higher sharp pitch denotes good solid wood. Where softwood is found special attention should be given to that spot.

Fan deck

Again, the material of the fan deck should be checked for either wood decay or evidence of steel corrosion, as well as checking the general condition of the fan deck. The items that support the fan deck should be in good condition and the connection between it and the fan deck should be tight. If there are adjoining fan deck panels look for air leaks between them.

Coldwater basin

Within the basin, one should inspect it and determine if there is a lot of buildup of sludge and if there is any debris that has accumulated which would provide a perfect breeding ground. The condition of the sump and the sump screen should be analyzed. the sump screen should not have any trash lodged. Inspection of any metal components in the cold-water basin should be done to check for any corrosion or loss of metal. If the basins are of wood or fiberglass carefully check for any sign of a leak.


The inspection should look for any evidence of corrosion to the steel or if the stairway is made of wood one should look for any signs of wood deterioration. Also, make sure all connections that use bolts are still tightly in place and that they are in good condition.

Ladder and handrail

Ensure that all the connections between the tower and the ladder are essentially in good condition. In the case of aluminum or steel ladders or handrails determine that the welding is still in great condition.

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