Forex white label software for forex brokerages

Are you a new or existing brokerage looking to set up a new trading platform?

Are you looking for a forex white label software that you can trust? Does your current platform have all the necessary features and is it easy to maintain?

forex white label softwareHere at Popcorn Technology, we can provide you with an expert trading platform along with the support that you need to start your brokerage in the quickest time possible. You will not need bottomless pockets or coding knowledge.

We have a ready-to-use product that has been tested and refined for over a decade.

Don’t waste time and resources looking for developers, investing in infrastructure or paying significant maintenance fees. Our MT4 white label can be fully customised to your requirements which will make your brokerage trustworthy and streamlined from day one.

You won’t need to rely on us either. Your brokerage will have its own identity and processes and be completely independent – if you want it to be.

Indeed, we can offer you continued support, as much or as little as you require. We provide you with robust products, clear and digestible processes to operate them, and effective mechanisms for dealing with client queries expeditiously. We aim to allow you to work under your own banner as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The advantages of the MT4 white label from Popcorn Technology

There is a staggering amount of currencies being traded daily. Over $5 trillion to be precise.

As you may already know, forex exchanges allow for 24-hour trading, Monday to Friday, which makes this industry extremely fast-paced. It’s essential to have the capacity to be able to handle such a demanding workload right from the beginning. The right brokerage with the right team and the correct temperament can capitalise on the markets.

Eventually, your trading platform shall become the focal point of your business. After all, it will be the primary tool that your clients interact with daily.

We offer you the best white label Forex trading platform in the industry because we utilise MetaQuotes software. It makes sense for us to provide you with the MT4 platform because most retail traders know and trust it; they most likely continue to use it today. It is a cornerstone of the forex industry and has stood the test of time.

As mentioned earlier, it is entirely adaptable to suit your branding. We can provide you with a professional logo, or you can choose your own. Wherever you can interact with your employees or customers, your brokerage will be instantly recognised.

Our white label MT4 platform includes:

  • Lightning-fast order entries and executions
  • Market depth
  • Expert advisors or EA’s with the MT4 strategy tester. That allows your clients to backtest their strategies on all markets and time intervals
  • Access to real-time news feeds.
  • Technical indicators like, ATR, Volume, Stochastics, Fibonacci
  • Multi-currency support
  • Security – Effective protection from DDoS attacks
  • Web and desktop versions, and our forex trading app will give your customers the flexibility to trade on the go
  • PAMM
  • Exact Copier
  • Highly integrability with services like payment solutions, affiliate systems, traffic providers and VOIP systems.

Back office solutions and support

The white label forex platform has quite literally exploded in popularity. As brokerages realise the value, efficiency and speed that they provide. Using our forex white label program, you will significantly expand your capability to meet significant demand.

Usually, when starting any business, you will need to invest in a crack team to operate and succeed in your venture. No one can do it alone. However, by using our systems and by working with us, you can benefit from exploiting the Popcorn Technology team of professionals. We have a large group of experts whose sole purpose is to help brokerages like yours. Our interests are aligned from the beginning.

Smaller firms can take advantage of our network and people to operate and scale much quicker than if they had to build their own team, develop proprietary software and systems and then market it to new customers.

You can quite literally bypass some of the more traditional problems that startups face. That leaves you with extra money and time to concentrate on other essential areas of your business, like customer acquisition and customer service.

Our back-office solutions are designed to help control processes like customer interactions, sales, transaction monitoring and data mining.

MetaTrader white label software and systems allow new and existing brokerages to save on vital resources while providing a level of service similar to a much bigger firm.