Can you have it all as a woman entrepreneur? 

In a world that’s consciously and subconsciously designed to favour men, it’s a challenge to make it as a woman entrepreneur. And above all, the regular obstacles of casual sexism and unfairness, you’re burdened with making a choice between a successful career or a fulfilling personal life. 

But is it possible to have it all? Honestly, the answer to that question entirely depends on your definition of having it all. For some, it might mean putting your ambition as an entrepreneur first, while for others, it can mean changing your name on your passport after marriage and prioritising your family as a woman. 

However, it’s not that simple. While men are praised for their unapologetic ambition, women are often criticised for the same. And the women who let their careers take a backseat and decide to focus on their families, get the short end of the stick as well. No matter which side you lean towards, it’s a lose-lose.

If you do wish to have it all, you have to work for it. Every choice you make is going to help you achieve the life you’ve envisioned for yourself. In this post, we’re sharing some ways successful business women find balance in their hectic lives. Take a look.

Glass & rubber ball analogy

Former President and CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Bryan Dyson shared an incredibly useful analogy. Imagine every task and commitment in your life is either a glass or a rubber ball and life is a game of juggling these balls. And there will come a time when you have to drop one of these balls. So when you do, make sure it’s a rubber ball, which can bounce back from the fall. 

So for instance, if a work project is stressing you to the point of extreme exhausting, it’s perhaps time to reduce your workload. 

Don’t let a schedule rule your life

To be the most productive and efficiently manage time, a planner or schedule comes in handy. That being said, don’t create a schedule so strict that it leaves no room to breathe.

Put yourself first

In the hustle of having it all, do you often forget to take care of yourself? That’s neither good for your mental or physical well being. 

If you want to give your best to work, family and other commitments, it’s important to put yourself first. It’s normal to feel guilty for taking out time for yourself, but trust us, it’s not a selfish thing!

Just like you reward your employees for exceptional performance and praise your kids for good grades, treat yourself. This could mean going out for a girls weekend every couple of months or meditating every morning. Find what helps you tune in with yourself and do it guilt-free.

Learn to say no

Being ambitious and kind at the same time aren’t mutually exclusive. However, some people are quick to misinterpret this kindness and take advantage. Try your best to identify such people in your life and learn to say no to them. Whether it’s a clingy friend or an overly demanding client, know where to set boundaries. 

Keep your morals intact

Certain crossroads in life will force you to make difficult choices. Whatever you choose to do, always keep your morals intact

Practise gratitude

Usually, no matter how hard you try, life will never turn out to be this perfect version you always envisioned. But that doesn’t mean you have failed! Instead of always chasing after this catch-22 idea, learn to appreciate what you have. Practising gratitude for the things you have already achieved doesn’t mean relinquishing your dreams. It just proves that you’re on the right track.

Final words

Only you can dictate what having it all means. And remember, it won’t be easy as a woman entrepreneur, but it’s doable!