Reasons why you should go for serviced apartments the next time you visit London

London is a city that is rich in culture and history. It is the reason why over 30 million tourists visit this beautiful and diverse city.

Whether you are on vacation or travelling for business, the goal of every tourist is to have a comfortable stay in London. And one of the ways to do this is to rent serviced apartments during your stay.

Serviced apartments have greater advantages as compared to hotel rooms, and here are the reasons why:

They offer ample space

Serviced apartments in London offer ample space for relaxation and work. You also get enough space to cook your favourite meals and have a peaceful sleep. Furthermore, serviced apartments are 30% more spacious than your regular hotel.

You get value for your money

If you have done your research, you will notice that serviced apartments cost less than hotel rooms of the same standard.

This gets better with longer stays. If you plan to stay for longer, serviced apartments offer a 4% VAT discount on the extra nights after 28 days of stay at the apartment. It is the reason why corporations and companies seeking to save a considerable amount of money on their employee bookings will almost always go for serviced apartments.

What’s more, serviced apartments have no other hidden costs as hotels do.

They offer flexibility

In these apartments, guests can come and go as they please. There are no restrictions in regards to when to enter or leave the apartments. This makes it easier for guests to do things according to their schedule and without unnecessary pressure.

Unlike some hotels that have scheduled time for meals, serviced apartment guests can cook at their own free will. They also have the freedom to entertain additional guests at any time, something that is highly restricted in hotels. In hotels, you will be required to pay extra fees for a visitor or book them a separate room.

Additionally, some serviced apartments have several washrooms and bedrooms, making it the perfect place for families and large groups of people to stay while on business or vacation.

They offer greater degrees of privacy

In serviced apartments, you are less likely to always check at the front office every time you leave. You can walk in and out of your apartment as you please. Also, maids will clean your room but are not constantly knocking at your door for room service. If you are not a fan of the interruptions, you can schedule cleaning at a time when you are away running errands.

Home away from home

One of the best things about these apartments is that it has all the basic amenities you would find in your standard home. Couches, television, bedding, air conditioner, kitchen amenities, gymnasium, you name it!

Basically, you are at home, away from home.

All in all, serviced apartments are in demand and have grown in popularity. If you are looking for the luxury of high-end hotels and the comfort of a home in one package, book a serviced apartment the next time you visit London.