Building a custom workplace for your organisation? Here’s everything you need to consider

Finding a new property for your business can be a challenge, especially when you have a lot of factors to consider.

For some businesses, the best solution might be to create a custom workplace that is designed around the company’s individual requirements.

Building your own commercial property can be an expensive endeavour, so we’ve put together a list of all the factors you need to consider.


The first and, arguably, most important decision you need to make is where you’re going to locate your business’s new base. The best site for your commercial property will depend on its use. If you’re planning on welcoming customers into your property, then you’ll want it to be within easy travelling distance and near to other retail outlets. However, if your property is for storage or manufacturing, then a remote location will be safer.

Travel routes

Even if you don’t intend to welcome customers into your new property, you still need to consider the ease-of-access of your new property. Staff, suppliers and contractors will all need to access the property, so it needs to be reachable. Explore the public transport, road and pedestrian access points and consider if there are enough for your business.


Safety starts with the property you create, so it’s crucial that you explore all of the safety products and solutions you can use during the building stages. For example, fire safety can be built into your property using cutting-edge building technology. If you want to protect your property’s structure from disintegrating during a fire, then you may need intumescent paint. The fire protection specialist at Nullifire offer advice on this and many other fire protection solutions, so you can find the ones that will suit your new property.

Flooding risk

As well as the safety of your new property, you also need to consider the flooding risk that the local environment poses. Review the flood reports on your land and explore the risks that any bodies of water or flood plains pose. You should also consider including flood prevention solutions in your new property’s design, such as raised surfaces.


The size your new property to be is a vital consideration, as it will shape every aspect of its design. It will also have a serious effect on your business itself, because if you choose to create a small space, then you won’t be able to grow into it. However, a large property could be costly and unnecessary. Refer to your firm’s business plan to explore your growth estimates and how much space you will require to realise its future goals.


Finally, it’s critical that you review what amenities you and your team will need from your custom workplace before you start construction. The solutions you need will depend on the nature of your business, but in general, you’ll need some vital amenities such as WiFi signal, electrical plug sockets and access to water for bathroom facilities. There are other optional amenities that many employees will enjoy, which you need to consider before you submit your final plans for your new commercial property.