5 ways to create an inspiring workplace and build success

Building a successful business takes a lot of time, dedication and discipline, especially if you want to mould it into the vision you set out to achieve from day zero.

Recognising that one person’s drive and ambition to be successful cannot be ascertained solely, but collectively is key to understanding how to unlock the secrets of success and set your business apart from the rest. Building a solid organisation with committed people that feel inspired is what will define the outcome of your journey. Here are five powerful ways to create an inspiring workplace for your teams to grow and become committed to building success with you.

1. Set goals

Creating a work environment where employees can reach an individual or group goal is an excellent way to ignite a person’s desire to grow in the workplace. The acronym SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based goals are commonly used as a way to monitor progression over time. They are great for developing teams and introducing towards the end of a performance management cycle, revealing what a person has achieved or overachieved. When an employee sees their goals, it can be highly motivating, encouraging healthy competition and identifying areas for improvement and learning.

2. Reward

If you want to retain the dedicated teams you have built then this is definitely worth considering. Incentive programmes are incredibly effective and can work wonders for your business in that an individual can feel a great sense of recognition for their hard work and purpose in the workplace. Studies have strongly indicated that the retention of key staff is significantly linked to applying key reward packages for employees. These do not even have to be costly to your business, simply providing personalised awards, private healthcare, gym memberships or spa breaks can incentivise your staff to do their best at work and stay for the long haul.

3. Change management styles

Making sure that employees feel respected and valued is paramount to secure loyalty and devotion to you and your company. Simple characteristics such as honesty, respect, support and transparency can go a long way in the world of business and will shape how people perceive and behave around you. There are very effective management practices that you can deploy and aid in your efforts to exercise efficiency in the business, whilst maintaining a healthy and inspiring workplace. For instance, one simple shift from an authoritative to a democratic or laissez-faire leadership style can empower your teams to take responsibility and share in the success of the company.

4. Enable growth

Cultivating the culture of your organisation is not straight forward and there are multiple elements that construct the overall paradigm, however, an important aspect to consider is the necessity to nurture growth and support employees within a company’s lifetime.  To create a truly inspiring culture for success in the workplace it is important to not be transfixed on only one factor but also becoming aware of others. Taking some time to look at where your employees want to be in the future and their plan shows consideration and an invested interest in their individual personal success. Looking at who is excelling in achieving SMART goals and delegating them responsibilities can open a door full of opportunities and potential for both themselves and the business. It could flip a switch in their minds to consider working for you as a career path rather than just a job.

5. Welcoming innovation and creativity

As an employer, there is a lot to gain from the innovative and creative minds of your employees. What your teams can bring to the table to revolutionise a system or even streamline a process has the potential to improve your business’s performance and accelerate growth. Although welcoming such an idea requires you to be brave and embrace risk, even failure from time to time, you could also stand to gain a distinct competitive advantage in your market long-term. Letting your employees be creative is truly inspiring and inspiration is infectious!


There are numerous methods you can apply to inspire your teams and build success for your business. Encouraging simple practices in your organisation such as goal setting or even rewarding employees can have a tremendous impact on staff retention levels, motivation and commitment to the business. Initially, it may seem inconsequential for a business to consider sparking inspiration amongst their employees, especially when the number one goal is to become successful. However, it is vital to realise that by prioritising how you can inspire your personnel and create a positive workplace will encourage individual growth, collective growth, and inevitably organisational success.