How to earn money online from home: SEO is the key

Search engine optimization or SEO is crucial for all websites and blog posts. Being a webmaster, you have to be a hundred per cent sure that you are applying the correct on-page SEO tactics.

There are two approaches to making your website SEO compliant: doing it yourself or hiring an SEO expert to do it for you. Regardless of the approach, you settle for, the goal will be to improve the websites google ranking status for it to attract more visitors. Having a good online design without implementing SEO will be futile.

online SEOHow does SEO work?

Search engine optimization comprises of best practices, actions, and strategies aimed at improving the blog’s or website’s ranking in Google results. As you look into ways to make money from home, you should understand that SEO comprises of both on-page and off-page.

On-page SEO refers to anything that you are able to control on the blog for you to improve its rankings. Here, we are talking about things such as header text, site speed, keyword use, and keyword phrases. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to anything that is performed on the website to assist in influencing rankings. Here, think of links!

Optimizing a website for high ranking calls for one to learn the difference between SEO and google ads, a good knowledge of acceptable SEO practices, and enough time on your hands. Your website will only begin ranking number 1 when the SEO on an individual page is more powerful compared to that of others or when the website’s collective power is more powerful compared to that of your competition with regards to a given search phrase or query.

Given that search engine optimization takes into account many ranking factors, there’s a need to consider the race to ranking #1 as more of triathlon than a simple race. When you look at triathlons, the person who wins the running portion doesn’t necessarily emerge as the winner of the entire race—the same case applies to SEO.

The blog or website that has the highest number of visitors, most pages, and most links may not necessarily end up being the #1 ranking site. The performance of all these metrics is what will determine which website will emerge at the top.

What makes SEO important?

When looking to make money online with Google, you should realize that the search engine uses SEO to establish which websites ought to rank higher for the search queries submitted by users. If modern SEO practices were not in use, site owners would be able to easily manipulate the search engine results.

This is because the website with the most pages or the most links would consistently continue ranking #1. And these are all things that can be manipulated using a software program!

Search engine optimization is, therefore, crucial as it ensures that the search results remain fair at all times. It goes a long way towards ensuring that people are not able to manipulate the search engine results. Due to this, the sites that appear at the top pages of the search engine results will be those that deserve to be at the top.

A user-friendly website and hard work are some of the things that correlate with Google rankings. A site that is able to meet this criterion will thus be able to rank better than the rest.

Internet users have a lot of trust in search engines. Sites that appear at the top spot in search results are able to signal to researchers and users that they are credible and are a trustworthy source of information. Keep in mind that the higher your ranking in results pages, the more traffic and clicks your website will get to generate.

Search engine optimization has also been seen to assist in enhancing the user experience. It makes it easier for e-store clients to become repeat clients. Additionally, search engine optimization also happens to be cost-efficient. Industries that are more competitive can spend vast amounts of money on attempts to acquire paid website traffic.

While it’s still possible for you to buy advertising space, those operating with tight budgets may want to consider investing in SEO. Proper implementation of SEO tactics will help you drive traffic to your business and e-commerce store without necessarily having to pay for that traffic. Simply put, SEO can offer a good return on investment.


As seen above, SEO is important for the success of any online business or venture. You need to understand just how important it is for you to apply it to your website if you are to remain relevant. And as you learn of its importance, you will also need to keep up with the trending tactics, as new trends are always emerging. This is the only way to guarantee good ranking results in search engines.