CleverPDF review – a remarkable utility tool for startups and SMEs

Some newly incorporated small and medium-sized enterprises may find it difficult to keep track of their data in initial days. It can be due to many reasons, including not using proper tools for recording and storing their crucial data. But, using the right tools and services, the startup can earn sky-rocketing profits in no time.

Generally, in today’s world, no corporation can function smoothly without creating documents, spreadsheets, legal documentations and whatnot! However, the use of PDF files in its day-to-day activities is the most important and CleverPDF can be a very useful utility tool for you.

PDF files have become a necessity for efficiently carrying on daily projects of SMEs and startups. Whether you have to invoice clients, maintain customer records, or send important memos, PDF will aid you in every job related to this aspect.


CleverPDF is one such online platform that allows the users to carry out all PDF-related activities quickly, just at one click. It provides 27 different types of free online tools to the users to solve all their problems related to PDF and handling of large data.

You won’t have to no longer worry about transferring their files into desired formats and handling a large number of files. It reduces the manual work of the user instantly, and the enterprise can focus on other important aspects. Clever PDF tools solve all the problems related to PDF services in one handy utility tool.

Using the CleverPDF tools

It is very convenient and easy to avail the features of CleverPDF’s tools. In case you have to convert your PDF file into the Excel sheet. There are only a few simple steps that one has to follow for the conversion to be done. The only steps that you need to follow are as such:

    1. Open Clever PDF site and select the tool ‘PDF to Excel’ and drag or select the file you want to convert.

    1. Choose the type of PDF file you have, such as if it includes table borders or not. (The options are available to select from)

    1. After selecting the output type, now you can start the conversion process.

    1. Once the conversion process is complete, download the output file, and you can delete the file from the server.

By following the above-listed steps, you can easily convert your file into the desired type of format. CleverPDF tool has advanced detection features for detecting the outlay and for analyzing the tables accurately in the Excel sheet.

You have the option to select and detect different types of files in PDF so that the conversion is done error-free. The service is available at anytime and anywhere. For availing the service, all that one needs to have is a properly working internet connection and a web browser.

Other alternative tools

CleverPDF is the best free of cost PDF converter tool that anyone can find. But there are multiple other PDF tools available online that also give quite good services, but you might have to pay a considerable amount for using them. Some of the other mainly used PDF tools are listed below:

  • Nitro Pro 12

Nitro Pro 12 is one of the commonly used PDF tools. You can try its features for some time, and then for availing the full services, the premium version has to be bought by the users. It offers a wide range of features and eases the workflow by simplifying the work.

  • Movavi PDF Editor

Movavi PDF Editor is also one of the currently used PDF tools and combines files exported from different software to bring all parts of the project together. It allows for creating new documents, converting files, and editing previous PDFs. It is relatively cheaper than other premium PDF converters and gives a high range of services. You have to buy the subscription for unlocking all the practical features.

  • Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a portable tool that can move along with you to any place. You can use this same software at home, work, office, and anywhere you go. Soda PDF Anywhere also makes the document editing process easy and designs expert PDF files from multiple formats.

  • Gaaiho PDF Suite 5

Gaaiho PDF is a subscription-based PDF converter tool. It not only converts documents and is a PDF compiler but is also a word processor. With this software, you can also easily convert PFT files to other formats in the batch. This tool has accessibility to applications, namely the converter and the docs.

Summing up

But keeping all the factors into consideration, CleverPDF appears to be the best utility tool among all. You can convert different types of files into the desired format for free with it. For availing the services of CleverPDF without the internet, you can also opt for the desktop software version.

The desktop version offers bigger files and processes files faster. In the offline version, multiple files can be processed at one time. The desktop version is available for free, and the premium version is available too. It offers more convertible options and higher flexibility. This utility tool is extremely helpful for SMEs and startups as it facilitates their workflow and makes budgeting simpler.