Leverage sports sponsorship and drive business growth

Although sporting events and the sports industry has taken a significant hit due to the current situation, there can be no doubt that sporting events will return and resurge.

Sports are simply too popular and too big to slip away unnoticed. If you have a business that is keeping its head above water possibly thriving in these turbulent times, you may want to consider sports sponsorship to get increased brand exposure to a wider audience once things have returned to normal.

There are several advantages to sports sponsorship. Let’s take a look in more detail as to what these are.

Build brand awareness

Branding is essential to business and sponsoring an event or part of an event, gets your brand out there. Your brand can reach potentially millions of people if you factor in worldwide TV exposure.

It doesn’t have to be a big professional team or tournament such as Liverpool F.C or Wimbledon to get the benefits of brand exposure. If you are a local business and have a local pro team, you can get your brand out there to your potential customers for a fraction of the cost of big-name sponsorship. It is worth a phone call or two with a local team to ascertain if it is within your budget.

When you consider that consumers like to buy from trusted brands, and if they make the link to your brand for the products you sell or the service you provide, then there can be no doubt that the more your brand is seen, the more sales you will drive.

Targeting the right event

Although it could be argued some products and services simply don’t fit sponsoring certain types of sporting events and pro teams, there are plenty that does. Some are a perfect fit, and it is worth carrying out market research to ascertain the demographics. The business intelligence will help you decide whether or not to sponsor an event and get ahead with your branding.

You may well be a natural fit to certain types of events, especially if you sell sportswear or you operate in an industry that relies on using a promotional code to drive business.

Winning over customers and clients

Sports fans, especially football fans, are very loyal to their teams. Your branding appearing in front of them week in week out, kind of becomes like a friend. They are more likely to buy from their team’s sponsor than they would your competitor giving you an advantage.

It also creates excitement around your brand again increasing the likelihood of sports fans purchasing your offering.

Sponsor an athlete

Another aspect which can drive sales massively is to sponsor an athlete. A mention of your product or service before and after a match on social media by a fan favourite is huge. Your brand is put in the limelight, and strong interest and sales in what you do often follow. When you consider that many athletes have followers in the millions, this can be a phenomenal way to drive sales when leveraged.

Consider sponsoring a sports event once things go back to normal. You will raise brand awareness and drive business growth.