How to become productive for your business despite being in quarantine

Today, the whole world seems to be on quarantine. People are asked to stay indoors to avoid the spread of the pandemic that the world, as a whole, is going through.

Along with this means that some businesses have shut down, while others have found a way to make employees work from home. Perhaps you’re reading this because your business is one of those that have started operating from home due to the quarantine.

Working and running a business from home does have its perks, but also some inconveniences. For many, it makes them more productive. But, some feel as if working from home poses its challenges. The most being that there are just too many distractions lurking right around the corner.

If you’re struggling to create this balance of running your business from home, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn some of the essential tips and tricks on how to become more productive.

1. Find your ideal working spot

People work differently from each other. Now that you’re right at the comfort of your own home, the advantage that you have has to do with the fact that you’ve got so much freedom on your hands to choose that best place in your home to work. 

To be productive, start by finding that ideal working spot for you. In doing so, you’re able to avoid whatever distractions it is that’s around you. 

To help you along this line, here are some tips that can lead you to your ideal working spot:

  • Find that spot in your home where you’re most inspired to do work.
  • Create different working places for the various tasks that you have to achieve.
  • Make sure that there’s enough light in your workplace. This way, you don’t end up feeling drowsy.

2. Keep that mantra to stay focused at home

The mind is a very powerful part of the body. What you force it to think, generally, that kind of mantra will get you through the whole day. So, when you start a new day of work, begin by having that mantra to stay focused, even when you’re working from home

Here are five key ways to maintain this kind of mantra:

  • Control your social media use. When you’re in your business’ office or headquarters, social media use may be prohibited during working hours. The same principle should also hold even when you’re just at home. 

In controlling your social media use, control what notifications should pop up on your phone. Better yet, mute your notifications until later.

  • Keep yourself motivated. As soon as you wake up in the morning, practice self-motivation techniques. Doing so can help you think clearly, allowing you to complete all of your tasks in the day. It also enables you to set better goals for your business.
  • Know your goals. When you’re on quarantine, the way to knowing your goals at the moment is to take it one day at a time; be easy on yourself. 

Generally, you’ll want to focus on short term goals and those that are task-related. When you have these goals in mind, you stay motivated the whole time, no matter the location that you’re working in.

  • Minimize distractions. People have their respective set of distractions. Whatever it is that you know distracts you the most, make it a point to have that mindset to stay away from it. For example, this could be as simple as household chores, visits from friends, or the television.
  • Reward yourself from time to time. Running a business from home may seem like an effortless thing to do, but most of the time, this is easier said than done. There’s also no denying the fact that working from home can be difficult. So, once in a while, reward yourself. Perhaps take a break to enjoy a tasty snack. But, do make sure that your breaks don’t get in the way of keeping and maintaining your work schedule.

3. Tap agencies to perform some tasks

Running a business from home also means that you’re managing your workforce remotely. Because you’re not in your office or your headquarters, there may be some specialized or technical jobs that can no longer be done by your employees from their homes.

In this situation, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop certain aspects of your business from running smoothly. A better way for you to go is to tap certain agencies, such as a CBD design agency, if you’re in this business, to perform the tasks that your employees are having a hard time completing.

Agencies are third-party individuals or businesses that can complete specialized tasks for your business. You don’t employ them as regular employees. Rather, you’re merely outsourcing tasks to them.

This works to be very useful at this time where people are on quarantine since you’re still able to run and complete the tasks that you have to accomplish.

4. Have a structure in your day, and prioritize tasks

When you end a workday, create a structure for the following day. That way, as soon as you wake up, you already have a full idea as to what it is that you have to accomplish for the next coming day. Then, when you look at this list of business tasks to achieve, create a priority schedule of those that are of higher importance than the others.

As you go through this process, set your working hours, too. That way, you don’t end up over-working yourself, or doing too much work, simply because you’re at home. Else, chances are, the next day, you might slack because you’re already too tired.

5. Organize your workspace

Along with organizing your schedule, it’s also important to keep your workspace organized. Take away any visual clutter that may even work to be a distraction for you.

Follow these guidelines as you physically organize your space:

  • Choose a desk space in your home that’s big enough to fit all your work stuff.
  • Make sure that everything you need for work is within your reach.
  • Always keep your workspace clean.

When you’re working with a clean and organized space, your mind doesn’t linger on other things around the area that could easily distract you. Plus, a clean space also helps increase focus, improving productivity. 


With these tips, you can better deal with all of the distractions that are lurking around you, allowing you to get things done. 

Even when you’re on quarantine, your business can still run productively. If you’ve previously thought of working from home as something that’s not doable, now you can change that perspective. 

Add up to these tips all of the other personal preferences that can help you be more productive under quarantine, and you’re good to go.