How to maximise productivity while remote working

Some people love working from home while others hate it. Employees may find it hard to get the most from remote working, and there is no doubt that it does come with its own challenges.

Finding the right place to work to maximise productivity whilst remote working is a challenge in itself. Unless you’re lucky enough to have your own in-house office, how do you know whether to sit at your dining room table or on your living room sofa?

Leaha James, Head of Contact Centre Services at Connect Assist, suggests that separating your working area from your chilling area is key to getting things done.

“If possible, try and create a ‘workspace’ at home, an area that puts you in work mode when you sit down to begin your day. If your space allows it, create a work area that’s away from any areas of the house that you associated with relaxing to avoid any distractions. This also keeps work from seeping into your relaxation/down time areas. “

Not only does the perfect working location have its productivity benefits, but Scott Jones, MD of Illustrate Digital, also reminds us that having a well-arranged desk and comfy office chair will also prevent physical problems too.

He says, “It’s good to keep a clear line between work and chilling out so you actually feel like you’re finished. A good chair and a well-arranged desk or dining room table will also help reduce neck, back, leg and even eye strain!”

However, another major question that has popped up a lot lately is what you should wear to ensure that you get the most from your day. Some think that loungewear is a total no go, and some people still get dressed up in their business suits.

Emma Hull, PR Executive at Liberty Marketing, thinks that pyjamas are a big no-no when it comes to getting things done.

“Make sure you get changed out of your pyjamas and into something that is a little more work appropriate. As much as I love chilling out in pyjamas all day, sadly, it just makes me feel like I want to go back to sleep or that it should be a lazy Sunday. Getting changed into even joggers and a t-shirt will make you feel like you’re ready for the day. Plus, at least then you’re ready for any surprise Zoom calls!” she says.

Jade Thomas, Office Manager at Pure Commercial Finance, also pointed out that lunch breaks are key to a productive afternoon. She says, “Make sure you spend your lunch break away from the screen. I’ve found that taking a lunch break away from all screens, including my TV, helps with productivity in the afternoon.”

Some other suggestions on how to spend your lunch break offered by Jade include taking a half-hour walk, making a nice lunch, doing a bit of housework or even stopping to read a few chapters of your book.