Getting Britain building again – Advantages of facing bricks

Facing bricks are very popular in Britain, especially in the housing market. They have been used in the country for over a thousand years. Most people in the UK prefer facing bricks to common bricks mainly because they are smooth and attractive. These bricks are made to face the world, thus making the building look interesting.

In Britain, facing bricks are normally used in business buildings, schools, gate walls, homes, hospitals, fireplaces, and so on. You might be wondering what are these types of bricks are and what benefits do they have. Continue reading to know more!

Made to be visible

Facing bricks are building materials primarily used to style the front of the building, which is also known as the façade. They are manufactured to be seen and hence they are made in appealing and attractive designs. Since their main purpose is to make the building look nice, they are made of various materials including natural clay minerals, Manganese, colours, silica among others.

Types of facing bricks

Facing bricks are made with different designs based on the specifications of the user. Below are several types that are popular in Britain;

  • Stock bricks: They are also known as soft mud bricks. Their texture depends on the process used to make them.
  • Extruded bricks: They are the modern type of facing bricks used in recent decades. They are manufactured using the modern technological methods.
  • Arch bricks: They are made in different shapes and are mainly used to decorate windows and doorways.
  • Water struck bricks: They are molded and remolded using water, thus they come with a unique texture.
  • Engineering bricks: They have low water absorption qualities and are stronger than other facing bricks.

Advantages of facing bricks

While looking from both technical and artistic perspective, facing bricks possess qualities that are beyond comparison with other types of bricks. They have the following benefits;

1. They are fire-resistant

Some types of bricks can indeed catch fire. Luckily, this is uncommon with facing bricks. These bricks can never be affected by the fire. They can hardly contribute to the spread of fire in a building. This is mainly because they are fired at extremely high temperatures during their manufacturing process. It gives them the ability to be resilient to fire.

2. Not affected by weather conditions

Facing bricks can never be affected by any type of weather conditions. They are made using varied methods. Each method used dictates the type and characteristics of the facing brick. Most of the methods used to manufacture these bricks are reliable as they always lead to the production of strong bricks, which are resistant even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

By extreme weather conditions, we mean freezing or exceptional high temperatures. This means that they can maintain their colour under any weather condition.

3. Better thermal insulation

Most architects contend that bricks made of clay are the best energy resourceful building materials. Those who have their home built with these bricks have proven this to be true. Generally, facing bricks are manufacture using clay. They, therefore, make the walls have better thermal insulation properties.

4. They are energy efficient

Facing bricks can absorb and release heat slowly to the environment. This is ascribed to the thermal insulating property possessed by these bricks. Thus, they keep the house cool in the daytime and warm during the night. You don’t have to light a fire to keep your house warm at night. Hence, the overall effect of thermal insulating property is energy preservation.

5. They have an appealing look

This is the most obvious advantage of facing bricks. They are visually fascinating as they come with appealing designs. They have a variety of decent shapes, colours, and textures. This helps you to choose whatever type of appearance that pleases you. The walls of houses built with these bricks are attractive and the pleasing design lasts longer than one would ever think. The most commonly used colours in Britain are red and white facing bricks.

6. Improves artistry

From an architect’s perspective, the design of a building tells a lot about the building and the people who live in it. Thanks to the facing bricks as they provide a variety of designs and colours that brings peoples’ desires into a brilliant structure. For example; people who are obsessed with purity can choose to use white bricks instead of red or other colours to build their homes. White bricks can also be used in other institutions such as hospitals and universities.

7. Zero maintenance cost

Facing bricks do not require any maintenance cost. Once you build a house with these bricks, you don’t have to worry about how to maintain the walls. These bricks prevent rusting, fading, warping, and rotting. Moreover, they are not prone to destruction by termites or other types of ants. Once the house is built with facing bricks, no extra fees are required to maintain the property.

8. Suitable for the latest trends

Although most facing bricks are processed using the traditional methods, they are often designed with modern artistic design elements. This makes them more appealing in modern days. Also, with the incorporation of the modern machines in building and construction, the desired shapes can be achieved.

9. Cost-effective

They are less expensive. You can get the desired aesthetic look without having to repaint the bricks or whiten them. They make your home look great even without extra paints. Additionally, the building can last for many years without demanding any maintenance cost. Thus, they keep back a lot of money.

10. Eco-friendly

These bricks are made of pure and natural materials such as clay. They are environmentally friendly and sustainable since no emissions are released to the surrounding. Facing bricks are ranked as the best building materials that promote an environmentally friendly construction.

Do you want to build a house that looks nice and pleasant, and will last longer with zero maintenance? Then facing bricks are your perfect choice. Their benefits are unmatchable! Are you looking to buy building supplies online, then Armstrong Supplies would be the best place for you.