The best cars for you according to your age

What are the differences in cars when compared by age group?

With cars of different colours, styles, functionality, and price points, there is a car for every individual with their varying needs. What you look for in cars changes over time according to your age.

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In your teens, you merely want an affordable car that can bring you around places, but when you reach your 20s, a decent paycheck at that age may allow for more luxurious cars. As you enter your 30s, the family becomes a priority and you may need a family car to cater to your growing kids and accommodate for the occasional road trips. As the kids grow up and have a family of their own, a mini cooper may suffice as you enjoy a comfortable and stress-free retirement life with your partner.

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No matter your age, it is always important to be safer than sorry and to invest in car insurance to keep yourself and your family assured as you make memories in your trusted vehicle. With the varying needs that each decade may bring, we have compiled a list of suitable cars to suit every age throughout your life.


Nothing beats getting into your freshly bought vehicle and driving away into your newfound freedom. Though it may be impossible to have a sports car as your first car, unless you are born into a wealthy family or have a successful business at the age of 18, the first car will nevertheless bring you a great sense of pride and accomplishment. At such a young age, the cost will be the top priority on your list, so that your debt will not swallow the next five years of your paychecks.

What you need is an affordable, reliable and economical car that does not burn too big of a hole in your wallet, and is relatively easy to drive, while also having ample room to accommodate three of your heart-eyed admirer friends in the back. Some great models include the Ford Fiesta which is well-designed and cheap to repair and the Vauxhall Corsa that is affordable and run on low mileage. Instead of getting a brand new car, you can also opt for a secondhand car to reduce the costs of your vehicle (especially in the case of it being totalled).


In your 20s, you may have a little more money in your savings after having worked for a couple of years. You now need a car with a better engine and maybe some personalized private number plates to not only make it feel like your own but to cope with the longer and more frequent drives to and from work, with more room to potentially fetch a couple of your colleagues back as well. As you climb your way up the social ladder, having a sleek set of wheels may also be essential to convey success; you might even hope to impress the ladies a little as well. However, it is important to also keep costs low, since your living costs may be on the rise, especially if you have gotten your own home.

Do also remember to get car insurance for your baby, as chances are that the insurance companies will treat you nicer if you have had a few years of no-claim bonuses on your record. Some popular models include the Skoda Fabia that boasts of being extremely durable and well-equipped and the SEAT Ibiza that has been a highly sought after Spanish contender for years.

30s and 40s

For married individuals, regardless of whether you are a male or female, having a family at this age may mean having to invest in bigger cars; especially if you have a growing family with kids. Planning road trips may be part of your routine now, and having a roomy and comfortable car that your family is going to spend a couple of hours in is essential.

On the other hand, if you are enjoying a single life, then the thirties will be the best decade of your life. You have the financial stability to invest in a pricier car that comes with more functionality and elegance, yet you have the freedom to choose a car of your own choice, without having to think about the opinions of others.

Depending on the phase of life that you are at, buying a sports car may be the goal, while others may opt for the large six-seater vehicle that grants more boot space. The Audi A3 Sportback proves to be the perfect combination of performance and practicality, that many are drawn to for its 5-door hatchback and great space. Furthermore, the Mazda RX-8 has a very powerful rotary engine that comes with four seats, making it perfect for family too.

50s and 60s

As you reach your midlife stage, chances are that your children would have already gained their own independence, and are either in college or have already stepped into the workforce. This is when you can downscale your car from a huge family car to a small one fit for you and your partner. Regardless of what you want out of your car, there is a car for every need out there.

Whether you still want to ride in style in the car of your dreams, or you merely wish for a simple and basic car to cater to your occasional drives into the sunset. At this stage, you may also be saving for your retirement fund and would much prefer an affordable car that will not contribute to your piling loans and debts. There are also some who may want a powerful engine to support their frequent downtown trips, ensuring that their car does not break down midway. The BMW 5 Series is one that never fails, with its powerful and luxurious design. On the other hand, the Lamborghini Gallardo is the dream car for many and allows for completely adrenaline-fuelled rides on the roads.


As you enter the different stages of your life, your needs may vary accordingly. Regardless of the things that you look out for in a car that you require for work, family or simply to impress, there are different cars out there at different price points.

A note is to do your research before purchasing a car on impulse, and ensure that your needs are prioritized over your wants. Also, the importance of car insurance is extremely significant, as drivers should always be safe than sorry. Talk to your local car dealer and let your needs be made known. With a reasonable budget, you will definitely find a car that suits you perfectly in terms of your age, the cars aesthetic and functionality.

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