Top industries to start an affiliate business in

Amid the ongoing boom in online affiliate businesses, more and more people are choosing to strike out in the burgeoning industry in search of a fortune.

Affiliate marketing works by one site rewarding another in cash for bringing visitors and/or customers to their site. Through the promotions of products and services in one way or another, entrepreneurs can make a great living from the money they earn from their affiliate business.

In this article, we will take a look at the top industries to start an affiliate business in, having a look at the main things that make them so exciting right now!


In the online gambling world, business people make deals with affiliate companies to bring new players to their site. In turn, entrepreneurs receive cash rewards for each new slots player they bring in. This can come in the form of a flat fee or you can be paid a percentage of the total generated from that player.

Whilst gambling affiliation has the potential to make you plenty of cash, those seeking to make an online casino/slots affiliate company must be certain because this business can be tough! Indeed, Charles Baxendale, the owner of a slot sites affiliate website, says that it is important to ‘consider each and every possible outcome before taking the plunge’.

On top of this, the sheer amount of red tape and regulation involved in online gambling can make this a difficult business to break into.


These days, everyone in the world seems to be obsessed with travel, so an affiliate business in this field is a great way to earn money. Through blogs and guides, you can build a site that provides valuable info on travel whilst guiding readers to affiliate sites such as hotel booking platforms, tour sites, and more. With hundreds of billions spent each year on travel, this is a surefire way to make money.

The only real downside of starting an affiliate business in travel is the sheer competitiveness of this arena. You must be sure to consider very deliberately how you will make your site unique. If you can do this, you might just be in for a bumper payday because the top travel blogs can receive up to 25% in commission from travel sites.


Another seriously lucrative affiliate business to get involved in is the beauty industry. Usually, this area runs on social media sites like Instagram to get people buying beauty products, with influencers the main go-between for customers and businesses.

It is important to stick to tried and tested products because false beauty/health products are a real problem and can seriously damage you company reputation if you work with these questionable brands.

Whilst there are a variety of unique affiliate programs designed to offer a simplified version of the process to would-be beauty affiliates, one of the best ways to understand this industry is to head to YouTube and Instagram to study what top beauty influencers do. James Charles is a great example of this model, yet there are literally hundreds of personalities in the biz!

In conclusion, these 3 industries can provide a great way to make money and are certainly among the top industries to start an affiliate business in. Be aware though, they are extremely competitive and will always prove a tough nut to crack! Once you are in though, the rewards can be enormous.