The power of a “good email”

Emails are very important when it comes to business proposals. You start by writing an email to someone with whom you haven’t had any prior interactions with, and the email is, in a way, your first impression with that person that you want to start a working relationship with.

Your email has to be perfect for that person to respond. Email is a very powerful tool that you can use to connect to your business partners, to your customers and, just as importantly, to potential future customers. The email can be personalized and in a lot of ways, a good email has the power to expand your business. Read updated reviews and find the perfect email marketing software for your small business

The power of a good email is too great to ignore. This article covers some of the benefits that you can get by sending a powerful and effective email.

A good pitch to the client

Many businesses use email as a way to pitch to their clients. The email is used to market their product to their clients and potential clients. Even with social media, email is a unique way that businesses can still use to make a personalized connection with their clients. Emails are used everyday, by companies in all markets and niches to advertise and inform clients of their products and services. To market a product through the email effectively, is a lot more difficult than it seems, and needs time to master. The email should have a good subject line to attract customers and clients. The contents of an email should be short, relevant and to the point. There are many ingredients to a good email. It is necessary to make a proper email first to use that as a marketing tool for getting more clients.

Marketing tool

Email is used as a marketing tool and a good email can be more effective than social media campaigns. A good email has more possibility of getting clients than any other forms of marketing. Email marketing even now remains one of the best ways to market the product of any business to the clients and customers. One of the reasons why email marketing is a very powerful tool is because now email has become very portable with the invention of smartphones and applications. They make it really easy for someone to use an email and everyone has their email apps on their smartphones nowadays. They are notified instantly whenever there is an email and they pay attention to any incoming email as it is a very professional means of communication. However, this constant and instant access to email does have its drawbacks. With so much accessibility, recipients can lose interest with excessive emails. As mentioned, that is why the subject lines and email intros are so imperative to effective email marketing. If you are sending a good email, and hooking your readers with eye catching intros and subject lines, you will have the highest potential for converting potential clients to customers, and previous customers to returning customers.

Help to build relationships

The power of a good email is through the way it can build a relationship with clients and customers. They can be more personalized than other forms of marketing campaigns. Individual emails can be sent out to multiple people just by changing the names of the recipients which can improve the conversion rates. Nowadays, due to automated email management system, you can set emails like alarms to be delivered to the recipients in a fixed sequence after a fixed number of days. This makes it easier to manage emails with less effort and work done.

Easier to follow up with a potential client

It is easier to follow up with potential clients with the email management system. It is easy to send follow up emails after a fixed number of days with the help of automated emails. You just have to set up the emails once and the email management system can send the emails out as specified by you to all the contacts in your list that you selected after a fixed time. This tool helps to get more clients easily and is a great marketing tool to have.

Emails gives you direct access to the customers

With emails, you get direct access to the customers. You are not going through any other medium to contact your customers. You can directly approach your customers with the help of an email. An email is a convenient way for businesses to pitch their products or services to their customers. Most people do not delete their emails and the mail can stay in their inbox for a long time, increasing the chances of them converting to a customer. The customer, or potential customer can respond to the emails directly with the same thread and can clear their doubts, which gives you a chance to pitch your product to the customers in a personalized manner.

A good email is more reliable

With the other forms of media campaigns, there are certain doubts a consumer may have if the advertisement is too general, or marketed too broadly. But with the emails, you can be sure that they are reaching your target audience. They will directly land in the inbox of your potential customers if you have maintained the rules and regulations of sending a proper email. If you haven’t followed the rules established by your email provider, the email might be treated as spam and the chances are that they will never be read. This also explains why it is important for an email to be well researched and well written. It is important to verify the email addresses that you collect before sending out an email. You can use a mail tester to verify the email address easily.

Good email campaigns generate ROI

In running an email marketing campaign, there is going to be some investment that you have to make. That may be the cost of paying someone to run the campaign, the price of obtaining email addresses, and the cost of the time it takes to run an email campaign with power. However, the customers and audience that you gain from an email campaign are loyal and more likely to convert to customers compared to other campaigns that you may launch on other social platforms to your social media followers. Their loyalty to your company and products can become a great asset in your business. Those loyal customers become great marketers themselves. When they get excited about your products or services, they talk about them with their friends and share their excitement with their followers on social media. Writing good emails almost guarantees a return on your investment. The automated email software and the graphics that you might have invested in for doing email marketing can be covered and more with proper email marketing.

Ingredients of a good email

When writing an email, the first thing that you would need to focus on is the subject line. This is the first thing that many of your recipients will check, and because of the subject line, they will make the decision of whether to read them or not. In social media, the ads are marketed by graphics and banners and a small heading but in email marketing, your subject line is the one and the only tool at your disposal that would decide if the email would be read or not. Without a good and relevant subject line that can grab the attention of the audience, no email will be very effective. After the subject line, what you should focus on is the contents of the email. You have to make sure that email is well written and also that the email is short and relevant. People have a short attention span and they hate to scroll down to read a long, boring email. It is better if the email is kept short and to the point to make sure that the power of the email would come through to the audience. You can use the formatting tools to bold out important lines that you think are effective and can help convert the audience to customers. You can use graphics and links in the emails to provide more content to the users. Some emails now have an explainer video added to them to make it easier for the audience to understand the product and its advantages. You must include a call to action button in the email which the audience can click to take them directly to your website or your product page. It is important to include the full business address and name at the ending so your email is not treated as spam.


An effective email marketing campaign can set your company apart from your competitors. Tracking the click through rates, open rates, and conversion rates will help you know what works and what doesn’t. It may take multiple attempts to understand how to be most effective with your emails. This process will help you connect to customers and build a loyal following. Figure out for yourself the power of good email marketing and how it can help your business.