Take advantage of the constant increase in Bitcoin

Let’s start by clarifying the term “Bitcoin”, you’ll see, it’s not that complicated.

The first thing to remember is that Bitcoin (BTC) is a virtual currency that is traded online.

These payments are based on the blockchain (another complicated word, I know). The blockchain can be symbolized by a register where all the transactions of users having access to this register are listed.

Payments are therefore controlled by all members of this network using cryptography. Blockchain technology is growing more and more because it allows faster and more secure transactions.

If we were to summarize, Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency that allows you to make payments online, these payments being made through the blockchain. There are more than 1600 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the most famous and the most used.

Why accept payments in bitcoin?

Now that you understand a little better how cryptocurrency works, you are probably wondering why you should accept Bitcoin payments on your site so much.

If you have an eCommerce site, you probably offer your customers to pay by credit card or PayPal. Some customers are reluctant to enter information about their bank cards on the Internet. Others simply do not have access to PayPal (they do not have an account or PayPal is not available in the country in which they are located). Accepting Bitcoin payments on your WordPress site therefore allows you to:

To capture new customers: Bitcoin is an alternative solution that can be used by everyone and in all countries

How to accept payments in cryptocurrency?

The easiest solution to accept payments in cryptocurrency on your WordPress site is to go through extensions.

Do not believe these people and instead try to denounce them on the network or media where the message was posted. The belief that you can get Bitcoins for free is very common but knows that in reality, nobody will give you their money like that.

However, you can still earn Bitcoins for free. In reality, you have to work for it, which is not exactly free. The first source of “Free Bitcoins” you will likely come across is some sort of “taps”.

This is a PTC (pay-as-you-go) business and it works as follows: One-touch to attract visitors to your website, generate views of your ads, and return a portion of your revenue to your users. Of course, you should disable your ad blocker and be prepared to run a large number of ads.

These are one of best and easiest way to earn with bitcoin, which need very less investment. It is very less time consuming process and you will get return rewards very early. Then you need to do some math to see if it’s worth doing.

Most free Bitcoin taps come and go, so finding something reliable is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Learn how to securely store and recover cryptocurrencies. The Mac Observer provides a complete and up-to-date list of Bitcoin Touch.

Working in Bitcoin

We have already established the idea that free Bitcoin does not exist. In most cases, this is time consuming and labor-intensive, and there is no easy way to get around it. So instead of tracking small profits, you can also receive bitcoin payments for your talent.

This is especially feasible for freelancers, but you can also ask a regular employer to pay for BTC.

Get bitcoins for free through affiliate programs

To get BTC for free, it’s common to join an affiliate program. Like work, it consumes time and energy, but with full commitment, you can earn all your salary or more. You can do the trading of digital currency with Bitcoin Rejoin

How you advertise an affiliate link depends on your imagination. You can share on Facebook, launch ad campaigns, create niche websites, and create engaging video blogs. Also one can put bitcoin ads on their blog and site to make money.

Free bitcoins don’t really exist

In conclusion, if you want to make money by doing absolutely nothing, the bad news: it’s impossible! Try to stay away from scams and fraud. Pay all your bills or send money to your bank