Does your company need an SEO agency?

Why hire an SEO agency?

In today’s modern and quickly changing marketplace, any business that wishes to keep its current client base and expand its pool of potential customers must have a website that is appealing and well-designed. Whether your company is small or large, a great website serves as the perfect place to increase visibility, communicate sales opportunities with existing customers as well as generate new business. With a great website, you may need to consider if you need an SEO agency.

Just as important as having a website is knowing how to use it properly to direct traffic to your website, which can translate into greater sales and profits for your company. An impeccable design and engaging content are vital, but just as critical is the need to employ an effective and professionally designed search engine optimisation strategy to help your business grow.

But just what is search engine optimisation, and how can this benefit your company?

What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Search engines, the most famous of which is probably Google, provide responses to what people search for. Search engines operate essentially by scouring the Internet for content—everything from images, websites, documents, videos, text, etc.—in a process known as crawling and indexing. They then rank these non-paid, organic results by how well the potential results match the original search.

This is where search engine optimisation, or SEO as it’s known by its acronym, comes in. Briefly defined, SEO is the process of maximising the number of visitors (potential customers) to your website as well as increase your company’s visibility online. It can also help your company expand by helping you reach new markets and increasing your brand’s awareness. An SEO strategy and an online presence is not only a helpful tool but a necessary one when it comes to competing in today’s business world. Otherwise, you risk your business not being found amidst your competitors.

Benefits of a professional SEO strategy

While it’s true that you can purchase advertising on social media platforms and other websites to generate traffic, the majority of visitors to your webpage will arrive via a search engine. In fact, SEO offers roughly 20 times more traffic opportunities than paid advertising. Moreover, studies also suggest that organic search results appear more credible to those who search for a specific range of products, something which can help to reinforce your branding strategy. Without search engine optimisation, it will be difficult for potential customers to find your website among others that have similar content or products. SEO helps your company stand out.

Plus—if done correctly—an effective and professionally done SEO strategy will continue to benefit your business long after it’s been implemented and even reduce overall costs. Simply placing ads on social media and other digital platforms must be funded, potentially generating great costs. Solid and effective content that was created in line with a successful SEO strategy and employs the right keywords, however, will help your website rank at the top in an organic, unpaid fashion.

Do you need an SEO agency?

SEO isn’t exactly something that’s simple to understand. The quickly-evolving complexities of the Internet and the difficulties you might encounter might cause delays in getting your website off the ground and visible to the customers that you want to attract. This is why it might be a good idea to consider hiring an experienced company to handle this for you, such as Verkeer, a London-based SEO agency.

Having an SEO agency in London also has benefits that will directly impact your business both in the short term and long term:

  • Expertise: SEO is complicated and important, so much so that you can’t afford to spend time learning it on your own or to hire someone and wait for them to get their bearings. Hiring an SEO agency means that you’ll hit the ground running and be able to get results faster.
  • Quick responsiveness: The rules and guidelines that govern SEO are constantly changing—another reason why it is so difficult to master. What may have been true a month ago may not hold today, and if you don’t respond quickly enough, you may lose website traffic and, consequently, potential customers. An SEO agency has professionals that can respond quickly to any changes, saving you from any potential issues.
  • Increase revenue: Hiring an effective SEO agency in London can also lead you to increase your revenues. An effective SEO agency tends to have a “snowball” effect: if your SEO agency helps you create content that is in line with an effective SEO strategy as well as a deep understanding of your website’s analytics, then this will generate more traffic, which translates into greater revenue, meaning that you can invest in even more SEO-related resources, increasing revenue even more.

Operating in today’s business world is complicated enough, so make sure you give yourself and your company the tools needed to harness the power of search engine optimisation.