Website design for businesses in 2020

Web design has been taken to a whole new level. Websites are no longer just places where people approach to go get information because the design and style of a website is a crucial part of the experience.

However, to get it right, you are going to need to think about website design trends and keeping ahead of your businesses competitors.

Dark designs

Dark mode web designs are one of the latest trends. The look super-sleek and they are great on the eye while they are perfect for making colour and elements stand out. Dark designs were once a no-go but now they are on-trend and are a great way of ensuring you can offer something different.

Hand drawn design elements

If you want to give your website and business a real feel then imperfect hand-drawn designs are all the rage right now. Users want something that feels raw and unique and this is a great way of injecting emotion into the experience. They are known to enhance positivity and that is a great thing to make use of given that 2020 is going to be dominated by COVID-19.

3D elements

If you are looking to give your users an immersive experience then 3D design is still a great way of getting results. These kinds of visuals, when executed by professionals such as those at web design london will provide a memorable user-experience and that will leave them wanting to come back for more. The 3D web design trend is one that is going to become more prominent as 2020 progresses.

Floating elements

Giving your website depth by using floating elements is a great way of adding something different to your businesses website design. It will give it an almost 3D feel without the need to implement actual 3D visuals. This is a great alternative to the flat design that we are all so familiar with but it will certainly grab the attention of your users.

Using photograph and graphics

You can create a solid message by bringing together illustrations or graphics and photographs. It’s possible to overlap the graphics and illustrations, giving you the ability to get creative. However, you will need to ensure that the illustrations and photographs match the style of your brand.

White space trends

Many websites are choosing to use white space while moving away from full-bleed images and parallax designs. The white space that is used as a frame for a website helps the actual website to stand out while providing structure and clean design which still works well.

Glowing colour schemes

Themes that have a futuristic feel to them are certainly on-trend, utilising colours such as blues and purples to create a futuristic glow. Using bold colours is where designers are going with some trends at the moment and it works. Duotone web designs are helping this trend to gain some traction and the pops of colour work by creating a unique experience for users.


This is by no means a new trend but evolves with time and so, the content is going to include more video or voice script with less text. This will remove any difficulties that can often come with usability giving users less to think about.