How to improve the exterior of your business

First impressions matter. No matter how well your business functions, if your building looks run-down and poorly maintained, it will not shine you in a positive light. It may even lose you business.

When a potential client pulls up to your office for a meeting, a litter-strewn car park and shabby exterior will set their expectations for what it’s like to work with you. If you own a retail business, sprucing up the outside will do wonders to increase your shop’s foot traffic. 95% of shoppers claim that they make decisions about where to shop based on how a store looks from outside.

A strong curb appeal is essential for your business to generate a positive impression. And this need not take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. There are several quick and easy ways to improve the exterior of your business right away.

Clean up

A messy, cluttered exterior will not do much to invite customers inside your building. Further, it also makes you as a business look careless and neglectful, qualities that customers and potential clients will not view highly when deciding whether or not to spend money with you. Allocate some time to clean up the area immediately surrounding your building. Pick up any litter, and give your windows and walls a wipe down. If it has been a particularly long time since your exterior was cleaned, you may want to invest in a pressure washer to blast the dirt off the building and pavements or consider opting for road sweeper hire to clean up a wider radius.

Update your paint job

How long has it been since your building was painted? A good paint job should last for several years, so if you can’t remember the last time it was updated, it’s time to get the brushes out. Painting the exterior is one of the most impactful ways to enhance a building’s exterior. Not only does a poor paint job look unsightly and uninviting, but it can be damaging to the building. When paint cracks and peels, it exposes the siding beneath, leaving it more susceptible to the harmful effects of sunlight, rain and wind. You can either paint your exterior yourself or call in a professional contractor to do it for you. You could even consider changing the colour scheme completely to make your business stand out and draw in more customers. Don’t forget to paint the doors and the trim as well.

Maintain your landscaping

It’s not just the building itself that’s important when boosting curb appeal; you should also take care of the landscaping around it. Overgrown bushes, fallen leaves and weeds everywhere make your building look neglected and unloved. Take care to regularly maintain the outdoor areas to avoid things getting out of control. This may include trimming bushes and hedges, weeding flower beds, sweeping pathways and driveways, cutting grass, and raking leaves. The difference when you’re finished will be astounding. But be wary that this is not a one time job. Regular upkeep will be necessary to prevent your exterior from falling back into its previous state.

Add some greenery

If your building is lacking in green spaces, consider investing in a few plants. Nothing can boost your business’s curb appeal quite like some well-placed pieces of greenery. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. A couple of hanging baskets or pot plants by the front door will make your place of work look inviting and welcoming to anyone passing by. Don’t forget to water them regularly, as a dead plant gives off a significantly worse impression than no plant at all.

Brand up

Is it obvious what your business does from the outside? Is there clear branding on the exterior to distinguish your business? If not, this is a serious missed opportunity to promote your business to the outside world. Prominently displaying your logos, brand colours and something that describes what your company does will establish your brand identity and help potential customers discover you.

Show some personality

Once all the major fixes and changes have been made, consider going one step further by showing a little character. What could you do to elevate your business above the archetype of the bland, professional, corporate office? If it fits with the nature of your brand, you could consider seasonal decorations at certain times of the year like Christmas and Halloween. Or take the lead of these quick-witted businesses and invest in a sandwich board to entertain passers-by and maybe even go viral on social media.

The exterior of your business should never be underestimated. No matter how profitable and popular your business is currently, improving your curb appeal can only make you more successful.