The 5 best MailChimp email templates for increasing click rates

Do you want to build and send emails through MailChimp that will boost your business? 

Choosing from all the MailChimp email templates out there can be tricky. But there are some tried and true templates on offer that can help you get clicks and traffic.

To help you narrow down the search, we’ve pulled together the 5 best templates.

1. Sentinel

Sentinel is one of the most used MailChimp email templates. It has a versatile layout. Its clean design makes it easy for recipients to see what the email contains.

Sentinel works well on both computer and mobile layouts. The large header image has a simple sans serif font for title and subtitle that lets email builders draw the eye.

Emailers can shift the modules as needed. This means the template is adjustable based on the elements you need to showcase.

2. Kant

Kant is extremely customizable. That is what makes it so successful. With more than 50 modules to choose from, emailers have every option they need.

Kant’s code is efficient. This means it loads fast. One of the key aspects of successful email campaigns is speedy loading.

It works beautifully on mobile and computer. Its clean black and white design are easy for the eye to follow. Links to drive clicks are obvious and intuitive.

3. Gravity

Gravity is another incredibly popular MailChimp email template.

For the more experienced and adventurous emailer, Gravity even comes with PSD files so that you can customize the template to the maximum level.

The drag-and-drop online builder is easy to use for less-experienced retailers. It has a great preview option to see how the email looks for different screen sizes. Its responsive design is one of the best out there.

Gravity employs the large header block followed by smaller elements that are the key to optimized emails. Its clean sans serif font choice works well on any platform.

4. Cloe

Cloe’s simplicity to use is one of the reasons it’s on the list of best MailChimp email templates. The guide and instructions make this a great choice for newbie emailers.

The template offers a range of color themes. It also has a selection of backgrounds to choose from. The large color blocks for text, mixed with image blocks make emails stand out and capture clicks.

5. Avalan

Avalan, like others on this list, uses the StampReady builder. StampReady is a great option for drag-and-drop email building. It allows the emailer full customization.

The preview options are excellent once again. You can build, tweak, and test Avalan to get the right combo of images and text to drive clicks.

Avalan works well no matter which platform the recipient uses. Android or iOS is no problem. iCloud MailChimp integration is simple, too.

Avalan’s image header has more options than some. But even with all 4 elements on display it doesn’t look crowded so clicks still happen.

Choose MailChimp email templates to drive clicks

Picking one of the MailChimp email templates on this list will give you flexibility.

Whether you need a little assistance to build the perfect campaign or you’re a long-term pro, these templates offer the best looks to drive clicks.