The significance of photos in car accident lawsuits

When filing for claims, the burden of proof solely lies on your side. Thus, you must prove beyond doubt the liability of your offender. For your case to stand, you need tangible evidence. And that’s where collision photos come in.

Collision photos help make the damages visible, which plays a key role in strengthening your case. Plus, photos help lawyers and judges ascertain the level of damages suffered. Here are compelling reasons why you should take photos immediately after a car accident.

Ascertain extent of damage

Photos are vital in proving the extent of the damage incurred. For instance, before taking your car for repairs, be sure to take photos. Otherwise, your insurance company may refuse to pay you for these damages. Photos will help your Houston personal injury lawyer to prove the extent of damage, which can be used to estimate the amount of compensation to receive.

Type of damage

Photos are critical in assessing the type of damage incurred. Whether its injuries or car damages, photos are key in categorizing the damage that occurred.

Proving injuries

After an accident, injuries are inevitable. Injuries can turn your life around for the worst. Even more, they can lead to loss of wages, employment, or income. That’s why you should seek compensation. However, the amount of compensation to expect depends on the injuries suffered. That’s where photos come in. Before going to the hospital, be sure to take photos. Share these photos with your lawyer. They will strengthen your case and improve the amount of compensation you receive.

Determining the number of repairs needed

Photos can be used to assess whether your car requires repairs or complete replacement. Instead of rushing into taking your car for repairs, take photos first. Share them with your insurance company. Also, send them to your lawyer. He/she will be in a position to advise you accordingly.

Proving liability

One of the toughest tasks when litigating car accident lawsuits is proving liability. With so many legal loopholes, ingenious defendant lawyers, and complexities involved in car accident lawsuits, it can be challenging to prove liability. Among other things, you need credible evidence. One of the most trusted pieces of evidence is accident scene photos. Thus, if you want your case to stand before the court, be sure to take photos as evidence. Photos will dispel and discredit the defendant’s misinformation.

Ascertain types of damage

The following are common damages you can seek in case of a personal injury.

  • Compensatory damages—this involves asking the other party to compensate for what you have lost.
  • Monetary losses – These losses include those incurred as a result of medical expenses.
  • Property damage—These loses include replacing a damaged car
  • Lost earnings
  • Living costs
  • Punitive damages

The bottom-line

Car accidents are unpredictable in nature. Even more, can accidents can lead to life challenges and even loss of life. However, taking compensation can ease the pain from car accidents. One of the best ways to get the best compensation is taking photos. Among other things, car accident photos will strengthen your lawsuit. The above are the top reasons why it’s important to take photos after a car accident.