What does the office of the future look like?

The right office design is important for many reasons. It has an impact on productivity, relationships, efficiency, and the health of employees. There are many aspects of the office that have the potential to negatively impact the people who work there.

In most cases, forming a healthy and functional office culture via the delivery of an appropriate physical environment for employees usually outweighs the cost of the renovation. Fortunately, there are many parts of the office that have room for improvement. We can’t see what the future holds, but we can make predictions. If you would like an idea of the future of office design, today, we will be taking a look at some realistic expectations of what the office of the future looks like.

Supports the environment

If we don’t change our ways towards the environment, then our future will be uncertain. There are many things that offices should and could do to reduce their impact on the environment and support it for the foreseeable future. One of the best things about an office is that they have control over the amount of waste it produces and the amount of energy it uses in order to function. Offices in the future will most likely be designed efficiently, function in the most economical way possible, do what they can in order to reduce the amount of waste, and encourage recycling.

Efficient and easy-going

As time goes on, new technology and designs are being created in order to improve our experience, lessen our workload and reduce levels of stress. A more efficient and easy-going environment is something you should definitely expect in the office of the future. There is a lot of technology present in modern day offices, so this is only predicted to increase in future office spaces. The technology that is required on a regular basis will have improved function. Nothing is more stressful than an electrical system crash or failure in the office, so this is something technology companies will work to reduce.

More multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture has many benefits for the office. When something is multifunctional, it means that it can be used for more than one thing. This will help to improve office safety, as it will reduce crowding. Multifunctional furniture will also play a part in the style and aesthetics of the office space. Not only will it have a cool, up-to-date design and a number of uses, but it will also contribute to the simplicity that is associated with a modern workspace. As well as all this, multifunctional furniture makes our lives easier, so you should definitely expect to see it in future offices.

Employee health put first

Life as an office worker can be unhealthy when it is not managed in the right way. Employers already do what they can to support and encourage healthy behaviour by employees, but one of the best places to start is the office furniture. Poor desk design can have a negative and permanent impact on the user. To reduce this issue, offices of the future will consider better designed items, such as height adjustable standing desks from FRISKA prides itself on quality products that support the health and wellness of office workers. This will play a part in shaping the future of offices.

Workplace collaboration increased

Many companies support working in groups and teams within the workplace, but the way this is done will change in the future. These changes will appear in the form of advancements and improvements in communication technology, which will speed up the collaborative efforts that are made to make real-time decisions. Developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality will make their way into future workspaces around the world, no matter what sector you are working in. This technology can do anything from designing branches to improving and testing new products.

Cater for remote workers

Working from home is becoming more popular in recent times. This is because it allows you to work a full-time job, with the benefits of not having to travel to an office on a daily basis. Some employers already offer work from home opportunities, while others are encouraging more employees to step out of the office more often. However, no matter how often you work from home, office time will still exist. When it comes to the future of offices, there may be more remote workers, but this means there will need to be more shared workspaces in return, plus developments in communication.

A welcoming design

It isn’t uncommon for people to wake up and dread the day of work ahead, but if you know that you will be greeted by a bright, welcoming workspace once, then it will make you feel more positive and feel less gloomy in the mornings. It has become more apparent that the design of the environment you work in will have an impact on your productivity and enthusiasm in the workplace, so future offices should be well-designed and welcoming. This will improve the mood and efficiency of employees, and clients will feel more welcomed and impressed by the business.

Better overall work environment

Future offices will be shaped by the workforce. Over time, feedback from employees will make certain downfalls and issues more apparent, which will encourage the company to improve their office environment to make them happy. Those who choose to take advantage of an opportunity and speak their minds tend to be rewarded in return. The ability to do so, plus increased awareness of the physical and mental health risks that office workers are exposed to will help to create a better overall work environment in the future.

To summarise, the office of the future is predicted to have a better feel and appearance associated with an office environment. They are likely to be designed with the employee in mind, which will reduce the amount of stress and health issues they are exposed to. Future offices will probably adjust to support the environment, technology, and new working techniques.