Here is why you need to subject your website to an SEO audit

If you were to put a marker on the number of visitors your site receives monthly, what would it be? A hundred, a few thousand, or tens of thousands?

Irrespective of what the numbers say, there are two kinds of website owners in the world today. Those who are satisfied with the number of traffic they’re getting and are looking to improve on it. And those who feel the traffic they’re getting doesn’t commensurate with their efforts. If you belong to the latter, there is something wrong with your site’s SEO. Your website may need an SEO audit to get it back on track.

According to BrightEdge, more than 51% of website traffic comes from the organic search results on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). So if your web pages aren’t receiving enough traffic, it could only mean that they’re not getting enough clicks through the SERPs. And there is only one reason why that could happen: bad SEO!

But SEO doesn’t just go bad overnight; there has to be something wrong somewhere.

Luckily for you, that is what an SEO audit helps you find out!

But beyond all that, here are a few more reasons why investing in an SEO audit makes sense!

Checking out your website’s wellbeing

Much like going to a doctor for a medical checkup, you don’t have to wait until you fall ill before doing so, right? In a similar vein, your site doesn’t have to wait until its traffic level drops before you subject it to an audit.

Whether you’re getting enough traffic or not, subjecting a site to an audit helps you better understand where you are on an SEO front, and where you’re likely to be tomorrow. It also helps prevent any foreseeable error in the nearest future.

For example, if you invest in an SEO audit service like Lilo SEO, you will be able to look into a variety of areas regarding your site’s SEO, such as citations, links, sitemap, data in your social networking accounts, the “red flags,” and current position on most SERPs.

A hint about your competitors

Beyond your own website SEO audit, there is another form of site audit called the “competition audit.” By investing in a competition audit, you can accurately monitor and see what SEO methods your competitors are using.

With this info, you can either choose to match their SEO techniques or counter it with a far better approach. In any case, the ball is in your court!

So if you don’t see a reason to spend on an SEO audit because you think your site’s traffic is where you need it to be. Perhaps, taking a quick peek into a competitor’s performance can be a great motivation.

Raise your visitor count

We already mentioned this in the introductory section of this post. If you’re getting a low visitor count (traffic) on your site, there is only one way to find out what’s causing it: SEO audit.

Without investing in an SEO audit, you won’t be able to tell what’s causing you to rank poorly on SERPs. But once you carry out an audit using a reputable SEO company, like Lilo SEO London, you’ll be able to pinpoint those areas that need fixing in your site’s SEO, and invariably work on them to raise your visitor count.

Changing search engine algorithms

Often times, search engines update their algorithms to better serve the request of users searching for items on their platforms. A good example of this is the Google May Core Update, which took place on the 4th of May, 2020.

Subjecting your website to an SEO audit can help you identify those areas where your site is now falling short of the standards of the new updates of search engines.

By comparing your website’s condition to the benchmarks set by the latest updates from search engines, an SEO audit can highlight the things you need to change, remove completely, or adjust on your site.

Less reason to invest in PPC

PPC (Pay-per-click) brings results, no doubt. But you’ll be spending much more on a PPC campaign than you will ever spend on the SEO audit you need to optimize your site.

By optimizing your site to its full potential, you can attract real, organic users instead of bought visitors, thereby saving you lots of money in the end.

A second opinion

Finally, two eyes are better than one, is what they say, right? Irrespective of whether you’ve hired the best web designer to help design your site, gotten the best of optimized web contents, and worked with the best SEO companies in the industry, you can still subject all the work to a “second opinion.”

That is, ask an external body to vet your SEO status!

Remember, while some people carry the title of SEO experts, some people are called SEO auditors. There is a reason why this is so!