What are the benefits of out-of-office activities?

Workplaces are fast-paced environments that are often associated with constant deadlines and high-stress levels. While juggling a busy work schedule every week it might be difficult to find the time to switch off and enjoy other things in your life outside of work.

Talking to your manager and taking time to fully recharge are just some useful ways that can help you in managing work-related stress.

out-of-office activities

Overworking and not taking time off to reset and unwind can have an impact on your mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, it’s beneficial to make time for yourself and ignore your workload for a while. One way that you can do this is by enjoying out-of-office activities with your colleagues.

Together you can forget about the office and enjoy some time socialising about other things besides work. So, what exactly are the benefits of taking part in out-of-office activities?

1. They help you to stay fit & healthy

Working in an office often means that you will spend multiple hours a day sitting at a desk staring at your computer screen. Sitting down for long periods of time can sometimes lead to bad posture and aches and pains. After sitting for hours every day, taking part in sporting activities outside of work can get you moving and stretch your legs; giving you the opportunity to add some exercise to your working week. Activities such as rugby and football can help improve your cardiovascular fitness and enhance your muscle strength.

2. Fun activities can help to reduce stress levels

Stress in workplaces is a problem faced by a significant number of employees. Mental health challenges are just some of the common health issues employees face in their jobs. Uncooperative teammates, tight deadlines, and dealing with client issues can create a stressful workplace environment. Stepping away from the office to take part in activities with your colleagues can help reduce your stress levels and help you become more focused for the rest of the workweek. Having fun in out-of-office activities with other employees can make you feel less stressed and overwhelmed by pending tasks at work. There are plenty of fun stress-relieving activities that groups can get involved in such as paintballing activities from Velocity Paintball, karaoke, and escape rooms.

3. Group activities can cultivate a sense of belonging

It goes without saying that corporate outings allow employees to be themselves freely. Employees can comfortably communicate to their team leaders and bosses beyond office work. Scavenger hunts, hiking, and escape rooms are just some group activities that can bring everyone together. At the end of a corporate outing, every worker feels like they have a valuable place in the company that they work for. Airsoft games and paintballing are also some adrenaline-fuelled activities that groups can participate in together. If you’re going to play regularly, then purchasing your own airsoft equipment such as clothing and combat gear can help you prepare for your next team game.

4. You can socialise & bond with colleagues in a non-work setting

Team building activities in a corporate outing are fun and engaging. These activities enable employees to explore their creative side, as well as work as a team to achieve specific goals. Both introverts and extroverts can comfortably work together, and at the end of the day relationships amongst workers are strengthened. You can enjoy taking part in hobbies, exercise, or fun social activities together. Colleagues could download some of the best running apps of 2020, such as Strava, Couch to 5k, and Nike+ Run Club to take up running together. Or teams might want to enjoy a fun Friday night with a virtual Zoom pub quiz instead. Whether you are using Zoom for pub quizzes or work catchups, there are many fun zoom backgrounds trending right now that you can use to impress others on your next video call.

5. They can help enhance your productivity

Overworking has a way of lowering morale and productivity among employees. Fortunately, taking part in corporate outings is an ideal way of boosting productivity. Team leaders and employees can come together away from the workplace to work on their skills. For example, getting involved in a workshop or activity that enhances communication and constructive criticism can be a huge boost to workers’ productivity. Also, having fun together and forgetting about work for a while are great triggers for rejuvenation and relaxation of the mind, and, hence enhancing productivity.