Business management during social distancing

For many, having a remote workforce has been a personal decision up until now. While some prefer teams to collaborate face to face, others enjoy using technology to give their team members flexibility to work from home or even on the road. 

With the recent pandemic however, situations have changed and business owners have been forced to have entire teams working from home, carrying out their roles remotely where possible in order to adhere to social distancing rules. While lockdown rules may be in a transition period, social distancing is still very much in force. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Allowing you to work remotely

With that in mind, the question is, what do you do from here? Whether your entire team will remain working from home or merely a select few to ensure social distancing is still being adhered to, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the perfect solution for the simple fact that it allows you to do everything remotely. 

This ERP system will allow all team members the luxury of fulfilling their roles, whether it’s in HR, finances or warehouse management and will make it incredibly easy too. Here’s how…

It’s easy to use & adapt

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one solution that’s not only easy to use but incredibly easy to adapt to your business. It will not only help you connect with each other thanks to full end-to-end views of the entire business in this one solution, but help you make much smarter decisions through the use of facts and figures across the board. 

It will scale with your business as you grow and thanks to the likes of Power BI and PowerApps, you can utilise add-ons as and when the need arises, for instance when all employees are suddenly working remotely. 

It offers seamless connections

The beauty about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is that it connects seamlessly to other Microsoft Business Solutions, namely Office 365 as well as Microsoft Teams which can make your entire staff working remotely much much easier to handle. 

Now everything from meetings, to inter-office comms can be handled from any location in the world and can be done so with ease. Team meetings can be scheduled through outlook calendars and meetings feel just as personal thanks to excellent call quality.

Totally accessible from anywhere

Business Central has kept up, with ease, when it comes to accessibility and modern technology, something that’s shown to be incredibly important during these last few months. Business Central users can now access this business management software through a range of modern clients from web browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome as well as Windows 10 Desktop Apps and mobile apps on iOS and Android. This gives users the freedom to get their work done at the office, remotely or even on the go using their smartphones.

Contact D365 experts today

With the help of Microsoft Cloud Business Solutions like Dynamics 365 Business Central, business management and social distancing can go hand in hand. Your team can now have the tools they need, wherever they are in the world. Speak to the D365 Experts to learn more about business management software and how it can benefit your business.