Top small business ideas to start in London today

London is definitely one of the best places to start a business. Even though it has high competition it still offers plenty of opportunities if you have a lucrative idea.

Being the capital of both England and the UK, it is the center for commerce, finance, fashion, healthcare, research, development, business, tourism, and plenty more. As such there are many opportunities for people in London that want to start a small business.

But which one would be the most appropriate? Today we give you a number of great small business ideas that you can start in London today!

Home cleaning business

Keeping your living area tidy is important for aesthetic reasons but also due to health. Particularly now, there is a high emphasis on hygiene and keeping our houses nice and clean. This means that it is a perfect time to start a house cleaning business.

Make yourself known by advertising the multiple services you are capable of providing. Start with some kind of special offer and you will become popular in no time. Ruby Cleaners from London had a similar journey of starting their own home cleaning business. They developed from a small company very quickly to where they are now. So considering this line of work could be a good choice.

Mobile catering

Many people in London don’t have time to cook and prepare their own food. Being that this is an enormous city, you will rarely have time to enjoy a freshly cooked meal. Unless you are eating out that is. However, this too can be expensive and somewhat inconvenient. So ordering some food is the next best thing.

Offering mobile catering services is a great small business idea. First of all, there is a high demand for it and there are fewer chances of you going out of business. Also, it is highly profitable due to the fact that many people use it. If you can, it would be good to offer a special recipe or a certain type of food that only you can provide. It might be a good draw for customers. 

A tea shop

British people are notoriously recognized as avid tea drinkers. It is their national drink and you are not an Englishmen if you don’t enjoy a nice cup of tea. Thus a tea shop is a great business idea to start with.

If you are able to offer interesting blends of tea you will be able to attract more customers. Organic brands are getting popular so advertising your tea shop as organic is also a nice way to start. If you play your cards right, one day you might end up with a franchise. 

Football club-themed pub

Besides drinking tea, people in Britain also like beer. They also like football, probably more than anything else in the world. Combine the two together and you get a great idea for a business venture. Whether you are an avid supporter yourself or just knowledgeable about sports, having a pub that is dedicated to a certain football club will attract the attention of local fans.

There are plenty of clubs in London and each one has its own fan base. If you arrange everything well you might have regular visits before and after a match. More so, people will come each day to enjoy a nice pint of beer and enjoy a game on the telly.

Tour guide

London is one of the modern cities in the word, but at the same time, it is a city with a very long history. Since London’s existence goes well beyond the dark ages there are plenty of interesting things to learned see about its background. Many people from all over the world come to see the sights of London and you can take advantage of that.

Becoming a tour guide is going to open a lot of doors for your business. You can specifically hold tours for a certain area and the whole city. However, being specifically themed about a single and unique thing is much more favorable than spanning across all fields. The tourist season never ends in London and you might be busy all year long.