How monitoring remote locations is more efficient using technology

When it comes to business security, technology has allowed for many advancements that are helping to keep people and properties safe.

Just as technology has positively impacted so many areas of daily life, technology is also making it a lot easier to monitor remote locations. Monitoring remote locations is perfect for security purposes and even just letting remote employees know they are in your thoughts.

Remote employees

Data security

There are many benefits for running a remote team. Starting from the savings you make on the expenses of operating an office, to personal savings for employees. Remote working can be positive for many businesses.

Possibly the biggest concern is how spreading your data across a number of sites creates a number of security concerns. Data is a critical aspect of your business and with the GDPR rules now in place it is vitally important that you keep data secure. Your clients place their trust in your business by allowing you access and using their data. If you break that trust it will be difficult to get it back.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you have data protection in mind when employing remote teams. Start by creating strong passwords for all your employees, build a clear line between personal and business devices, also consider using a VPN. These simple, easy to enforce points will tighten up security and keep your data safe.

Mental health

Even though there are many perks to a remote working lifestyle, it can become a bit lonely. Being removed from human contact, or having minimal social interactions, for a long period of time can have an affect on your mental health.

In this way, as a responsible business you need to think about the mental health of your remote employees. A good mental wellbeing is important for a productive, happy employee.

A simple, regular phone call allows your employees to know that you consider them important to the running of the business. But there are other, more innovative ways to let your employees know that you are thinking of them. Using Friendship Lamps is a way you can do this, when you turn on your lamp the connected lamp turns on wherever they are in the world. You could even use Friendship Lamps to give a ten minute warning before a call. The thought that someone is thinking of you is a gentle way to boost their mental health.

Office security

Gathering data in real time

The great thing about monitoring a property from remote using the most technologically advanced security systems is the fact that you can gain valuable information about the area in real time. Thanks to technology, remote monitoring security systems can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your property is under surveillance 24/7, and you can even watch what is going on from a private location, whether that’s your other office or your home. This is especially important for bosses who allow other staff members to manage one of their locations when they aren’t available to do so themselves.

Wireless technology is more effective and gives you more freedom

Another way that technology has advanced the world of security monitoring is by allowing for wireless systems to be installed at both homes and businesses. And there are many reasons why people today opt for wireless, rather than wired, security systems, including for monitoring remote locations.

For example, with a wireless security system, you can place sensors throughout the building, on the outside or throughout the interior, wherever you wish. You can even set up security systems on detached garages with ease. And you can even protect a mobile home or an RV. Plus, you don’t have to worry about thieves cutting wires to disable the alarms because there aren’t any wires.

Remote monitoring that connects to your mobile device

In addition to connecting to the police and fire department, new technology has allowed for security systems that let you watch a property from a remote location and even receive alerts on your mobile device, should any alarms be tripped. Other systems allow you to actually watch what the surveillance cameras are seeing on your device so that you can catch intruders, or even people who are snooping about your building or office, right away.


As technology continues to advance through the coming years, it will not be surprising to see that monitoring remote locations becomes even easier. New, innovative ways to monitor both your employees and security are becoming available every day, running an office from home might soon become the norm.