Finance law – Find a finance solicitor near me

The world of finance is a complicated field, and if you are not careful in your day to day transactions, you may end up encountering huge losses or fighting intense legal battles.

That is why you need a qualified finance solicitor to facilitate your business transactions and handle any issues that may arise in the course of the way. We run a UK-based law firm, and finance law is one of our main specialties.

Before we get too much into details, let us first define what finance law is, and why every business owner should work with a finance solicitor.

What is finance law?

Finance law is the area of law practice that specializes in money-related matters. The field encompasses everything ranging from personal loans involving single individuals to the more complicated corporate deals. When it comes to money matters, all parties involved have to be treated fairly, and that is where a finance solicitor comes in.

The areas covered by finance law include, but are not limited to:

  • Bank lending
  • Property finance
  • Project finance
  • Assets finances
  • Derivatives
  • Capital markets
  • Islamic finance

What does a finance solicitor do?

You must have heard of the popular phrase that money runs the world. That phrase finds meaning in our line of work. A single mistake or oversight in a financial transaction can have huge repercussions, many of which often end up in fierce legal battles and unprecedented losses.

That is why a finance solicitor comes into the picture. Our lawyers will take care of the following concerns.

  1. Ensuring that both parties adhere to all the laws and regulations involved in the transaction.
  2. Helping with the negotiations to ensure that both parties come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.
  3. Researching the facts and communicating to the represented party in a clear language to help them make informed decisions.
  4. Since the finance lawyer is conversant with the market and can anticipate future trends, the lawyer helps the represented party enter an agreement with all the facts at hand.

Why hire our finance solicitors?

If you are looking for a qualified finance lawyer to help in your money transactions, you can rely on our law firm for quality services. We can also help you in your legal battles, in case you are already involved in a finance scandal.

Below are our best attributes, and the reason why we are your best choice of professional finance and banking lawyers.

1. Experience

We have been operating our law firm for several years, and the majority of our finance lawyers have some experience in the field. The minimum requirement for new lawyers into our service is a 3-year experience in a reputable law firm. We also have some lawyers that have been in the field for more than a decade who handle more complicated cases.

When you hire any of our finance lawyers, you can be sure that you will be paying for some of the best minds in the field. Thus, your transactions will be handled with expertise.

2. Affordable pricing plans

Our other strong suit is our affordable pricing plans. We know that different individuals and parties have different purchasing power. Therefore, we have different pricing plans to ensure that we can serve all and sundry in society. The package we offer an individual looking for a representative when getting a bank loan is not the same one that we’ll offer a major company in a huge deal. Also, the way we treat a small company is different from how we treat an international corporate.

However, the quality of services is the same across all the pricing plans, the only difference coming in the range of services offered.

3. High success rate

Our law firm has been a blessing to thousands of clients across the globe. We have had a high success rate, and our many client testimonials are proof of that. You can become part of our happy clients and enjoy hustle-free transactions that have your best interests at heart. We always promise to offer 100% customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to ensuring justice is served to all, and that the major driving force for our high success rate.

4. Remote services

Our law firm is located in the UK, but we offer services to clients from across the globe. Our firm offers remote services, so regardless of your geographical location, you can easily subscribe to our services and enjoy the benefits we offer.

All you have to do is log into our website and explore the many finance solicitors we have on-board. You get to choose the desired solicitor to work with, and the solicitor can provide remote services. However, if you are in the UK, you can visit our offices, or any other location of your choice, for face-to-face interactions with our lawyers.

5. Different specialties

Lastly, we have many lawyers, all specializing in different fields of finance law. Like we said earlier, the scope of finance law is quite broad and requires a specific type of expertise. Instead of having lawyers that handle all kinds of finance law, we prefer to have specialization to improve the quality of service. Therefore, we have lawyers specializing in corporate finance, Islamic finance, and so on. Therefore, you get to choose a lawyer based on the area of expertise. That way, you can be sure that the lawyer will have the required experience in your particular field and handle your matter expertly.


The finance world is a complicated field. Some people refer to the business world as a double-edged sword. Anything can happen in business, losses, profits, growth, and sometimes failure. That is why you need to be very careful, especially in cases involving lending and borrowing of huge sums of money. We run a qualified law practice that specializes in finance law, among other disciplines. If you are considering entering a financial transaction and need a qualified finance solicitor, you can use our service. Contact one of our finance lawyers today to get started.