How to create an impassioned charity application?

If you are dedicated to a cause, then you will do everything to make it happen. Starting your charity can be a good idea to let everybody knows about your cause.

Building a charity is a big task, but there are some necessary steps that you can follow to make sure you will be starting on the right foot. Here are tips to help you get started with your charity application:

Tips for creating an impassioned charity application

1. Be specific on your mission

Before you start, you need to define and be specific on the reason why you are building the charity. Be concrete on your cause, and make sure you state it clearly. Then, develop a unique angle to present your mission, and it should be something different than others. 

For instance, if your application is focused on fighting cancer, be concise about what specific type of cancer, or your target age group. Determine if you are doing this to help raise funds for research, or you will be using it to help those affected with their treatments. Limit your scope and make sure to define your unique mission well. 

2. Describe clearly what you do 

Some charity websites are not as transparent as they should be. As a result, people doubt what their real purpose is. Most of the time, charities cover their activities with words that are either confusing or unclear to people. Clearly stating your mission and vision can help a lot. Adding a short but very clear explanation about your mission can support your purpose. 

3. Choose a name for your charity

The name plays a vital role in the success of your charity. It is best to choose something easy to remember so your donors will not have difficulties in finding you. You should create a unique name for your charity. It will help if you check out the list of the existing institutions. The Department of Commerce is also an excellent site to check if your chosen business name has not been used yet. 

4. Be clear on your targets

Not informing people about which regions you will be working sends a wrong impression that your intrusions are not designed to the communities you are working. If you are working globally, mentioned the name of the countries. If you are working nationally, list down the cities and so on. 

5. Present clearly what you have achieved 

Present your impact by stating essential figures. One is how many people you have reached so far since the time your charity was launched, the number of people you have reached in the previous year, and your target number of people to reach in the coming year. If you are not transparent about these numbers, you will not be able to get the funds you are applying for. 

6. Summarized what you need 

Before donors can make a decision, they will prefer to read summaries prepared by their staff members or an external advisor before they dedicate their time to read the entire materials. So, it is a must that you make it as simple as possible for this person to represent you effectively. You can use an excel sheet to present the data. It will be best if you can add some sentences to it.

7. Build a website

Your website is very vital in introducing your charity to the world. It will explain your vision and mission and get people curious about your work. Aside from a detailed about us page, make sure that you include the place where your potential sponsors can donate directly and a page that will provide information on how to volunteer. 

You can seek the help of a professional in building an effective website. If you can afford, invest in a customized website designed specifically for you. There are online services that can help you with your websites, just like Asana time tracking that helps you in tracking your time. Your mission will be reflected on your website. 

8. Do not forget to recognized your donors on your website

Your potential donors would probably check on the list of your sponsors. It will be a good idea if you dedicate a part for them. By doing this, you are showing the world that you are a proud recipient. Future donors would like to give funds to causes that are supported already as it is a less risky investment. Providing the list of your sponsors is essential with corporate funders. 

9. Take photos

Adding vibrant, positive, action-oriented photos can show what success looks like, which brings incentive for a donor’s support. You can be featured on the donor’s yearly report if they can take advantage of your visual storytelling. Thus, it is also essential that you create impressive visual storytelling. 

Impressive storytelling is full of words with energy. Potential sponsors would be browsing countless websites and proposals, and you surely want to get their attention and get attracted to your charity. 

Final thoughts

If you haven’t tried to work in a non-profit organization before, it is best to ask the help of the experts. Creating a passionate charity application is not easy. However, with the above tips, you can easily convince that your charity is worth helping. If you want to share anything about the topic, feel free to comment below. For inquiries about the issue, comment below your questions about the charity application.

Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions, Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. If you are interested in an entrepreneur or lifestyle, you can find her on Twitter & LinkedIn. She has good experience and knowledge in the field.