What should you be outsourcing?

If you are a newbie entrepreneur and you have just launched your first business, the chances are that you have heard the term ‘outsource’ being talked about.

Outsourcing means delegating those business functions that aren’t your forte or that take too much of your time away from implementing your business vision. For those who are dead against outsourcing, they see the process as defeatist and giving up too much control of a venture.

However, the advocates of outsourcing see it as an astute financial move that can keep your business forward-thinking and utilising the expertise it needs. These are the people that have got it right. Take a look at what you should be outsourcing.


If you are stuck hunched over a calculator every month for two days trying to work out every tax obligation and pension contribution for your staff, the chances are that you are nervous about getting the right wage paid. Any mistakes could cost you a financial penalty. Instead of worrying about your arithmetic, outsource your payroll function to a specialist external firm. Here, they will ensure that your team is paid on time, and the money goes straight into their bank account. Doing this will free up your time to be spent on your marketing plan or your digital online strategy.

Digital marketing

Every business in the twenty first century needs to hone a strong online presence. With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram being the communication method of choice for millennials, it’s crucial that you seek the services of a social media company to help construct an exceptional marketing campaign. These individuals will work with you to create a bespoke campaign designed for your niche market. This will enable you to bring something new to the market and have your potential customer base aware of your new product or service launch.

A social media manager will post on your behalf, hone your company voice, and put relevant and meaningful content out in the ether for your target market to share and push your message forward. They will also utilise SEO and keywords to help direct traffic to your website and to help your brand to appear high up the Google rankings.

IT support

If you struggle with your WiFi downtime and you dislike seeing your staff team twiddling their thumbs and looking glum, you need to create a more resilient and dynamic IT provision. You need to facilitate every chance for your team to be productive. If they are forever bothering you about downtime, paper jams in the printer, or bugs in the system, you need specialist IT support services who can work remotely on your hardware and can solve problems instantly. With added cybersecurity protection alongside regular backups, your business assets will remain resistant to cyber threats. Ensure that any IT support provider you choose is on hand twenty four seven for all-round coverage.

Follow this guide, and you can work out an outsourcing strategy to help your business to thrive.