Which garden flowers are mostly used in the perfume industry?

The sense of smell that we all have doesn’t have to be the same in all humans. It doesn’t respond the same and it doesn’t have the same strength.

Most people assume we all like the smell of roses and hate the smell of skunk, but this is far from the truth. Except for some really bad odors, the smell is something we develop from personal and cultural experiences. This is why there are so many different perfumes and a strong perfume industry.

We are all different

Our noses can distinct a pleasant smell from a stench, we all knew this. The smell is a very important sense as it can alert us to all kinds of dangers that surround us. We could scent fire or rotten food, but it also is closely related to parts of the brain that process memory and with it our emotions.

A bad smell will send pain signals to the brain to warn us of possible danger, and a nice smell has the power to relax our brain and muscles. The smell is also vital for the survival of most humans and animals. It enables every creature to track food and water, find a mate, and maybe even communicate. 

Sense of smell, emotions, and memory

The sense of smell can evoke memories, both good and bad. Let’s take the scent of Vanilla as an example. This scent has been a favorite for men all over the world thanks to its creamy aroma. This is mostly because smelling it reminds boys of food and instantly makes them feel excited and relaxed. 

Lavender is also one of the aromas that people like. It evokes a pleasant memory and improves our mood. The same goes for the scent of an orchard in blossom that conjures up recollections of a childhood picnic, etc. 

That’s how the sense of smell influences your emotions. And according to Elena Harrington, a flower expert at a well-known flower shop “The scent of flowers is not just about the current emotions. It is something that brings peace wherever you are, in happiness and sorrow.”

Why do people wear perfume and other fragrances?

You can find fragrances everywhere around you. They are being used in scented candles, baths, soaps, cigarettes, and (of course) perfumes. The reason why we all like wearing perfumes is because of numerous reasons but they all boil down to the fact that we want to be happy.

Pure perfumes are full of natural pure essential oils

Pure perfumes are maybe the best option for you and everyone else. They are made from minimally processed natural materials without any artificial or synthetic components. These oils are obtained from raw fruits, flowers, herbs, leaves, seeds, roots, and woods scattered throughout nature. Some of them you can find in your garden.


Rose is maybe the most popular flower in the world. They are known as the “Queen of the Flowers” and are one of the main ingredients in many floral perfumes mostly worn by women. Roses are always harvested at night because their scent is strongest just before the sunrise.  

The most famous perfumes made of roses are:

  • Eau Rose (by Diptyque); the scent of this perfume is rich with both centifolia and damask rose
  • Rose Perfume Oil (by Kai); This perfume was formulated with cedarwood, clove leaf, bergamot, and geranium essential oils and a rose note. It only gets better with time
  • Rose Atlantic Perfume (by D.S. & Durga); A perfect mix of bergamot, lemon oil, dune grass, rose accord, saltwater, and white rose


Carnations are mostly used to modify a fragrance to provide a warm spicy floral scent with a clove-like undertone. It is bright and vivid. Carnations bloom all summer long from an early sowing. The tufted blooms smell like sugar and cloves.

The most beautiful carnation perfumes are:

  • 1932’s En Avion
  • 1927’s Bellodgia
  • 1919’s Tabac Blond


Violet is also one of the most popular flowers used in the perfume industry. These flowers are extremely old. They have been cultivated since Ancient Greece and are native to the Northern Hemisphere. However, you can also find them in Hawaii, Australasia, and the Andes in South America.

Violet’s fragrance somehow comes and goes. This happens because there is ionone in the flowers. It turns off the human’s ability to smell the fragrant compound for moments at a time.

The most beautiful perfumes made of violet are:

  • Guerlain Insolence Eau de perfume; this perfume is a perfect combination of violet and iris. The two fragrances are used together with berries to make it more modern
  • Annick Goutal La Violette; the fragrance of this perfume is both, comforting and warm and a combination of violet and sweet rose


Lavender has an aromatic floral clean note, with green, fresh spicy, licorice facets. It is a relaxing smell that can calm you down in times of stress, reduce the feelings of anxiety, elevate the mood, and maybe helps you fall asleep. This is why the scent of lavender is often used in aromatherapy.

This flower is native to the Mediterranean region, Russia, and the Arabian Peninsula. It is now mostly grown in Europe, the United States, and Australia.

If you are looking to add an aromatic aspect to your garden or maybe try to produce a perfume of your own, consider one of the species of lavender:

  • Grosso lavender
  • Provence lavender
  • French lavender
  • Hidcote English lavender
  • English lavender
  • Munstead English lavender

The best lavender perfumes on the market are:

  • Fragrances of Ireland, Sonas
  • Caron pour un Homme
  • Mauboussin Homme Eau de Parfum – Lavender & Sandalwood


This is maybe one of the most pleasant and sweet-smelling flowers in the world! The main reason why this flower is so famous is its strong fragrance. People love these flowers because of their strong, sweet, beautiful smell. Almost all the cultures of the world have used jasmine in some kind of aromatic products like candles, perfumes, soaps, and lotions.

People usually associate the fragrance of jasmine with love, beauty, and sensuality. It’s meanings depend on the culture and setting.

Jasmine oil is mostly used as a natural remedy for stress, depression, fatigue, anxiety, and menopausal symptoms. It is also used as an aphrodisiac.

It smells similar to gardenia.

Some of the best jasmine perfumes are:

  • Acqua di Parma Gelsomino Nobile Eau de parfum
  • Jo Malone White Jasmine
  • Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Eau de Parfum