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How to improve your profile on a dating site

Success on a dating site depends on the popularity of your profile: the more potential partners view it, the higher the chances of finding suitable candidates among them.

And here one cannot do without knowledge of some nuances of communication on the Internet. How to improve your profile on a dating site? Start with your best qualities.

dating site1. Identify your good points

Imagine that you are preparing a CV for applying for a job in a prestigious company. There, you must describe your best qualities, which will help to distinguish your profile from others. The same principle applies to the selection of Ukraine brides on https://ladadate.com/ukrainian-brides platform. False modesty is your worst adviser. Discard it and objectively think about what makes you better than others: you are well versed in politics, sports, or cars, you can do massage and relieve headaches… In short, anything, as long as it characterizes you as an all-round and talented person.

2. Limit detailed information correctly

Describe your qualities that will attract the right people. If you are looking for an intellectual person, you can include an education clause. If you are interested in their health and appearance, mention that you have an active lifestyle and regularly attend a sports club. The question often arises whether to mention the presence of children from a previous marriage. On the one hand, honesty at the very beginning of a relationship is welcome, on the other — it is strictly personal information that should be revealed only when everything is serious between you and your potential partner.

3. Show your sense of humor

You will especially need it when talking about your shortcomings — describe a couple of them when listing your advantages. In this case, they will be perceived as a piquant addition to your interesting personality. But don’t overdo it either — people with an overly sarcastic and sharp mind are more likely to repel than attract.

4. Select your photos carefully

Forget about selfies of bad quality. Don’t skimp on a professional photoshoot. By doing this, you will kill two birds with one stone: attract the attention of worthy women and filter out the insecure ones and show your best side. In the picture, you should be dressed in casual, well-fitting clothes. It is desirable to shoot not in the studio, but on the street, this will give you a natural and relaxed vibe.


The main criteria for a good photo:

  • Correct composition. Don’t try to take a good picture yourself with your arm outstretched. Not only will there be strong distortions, but you also won’t be able to show yourself in all your glory. Ask your friend to take a picture of you.
  • The choice of background. The street is perfectly suitable. Closed space and dark colors cause negative associations. So, first, go out and get some fresh air.

Final words

The more diverse your profile and your photos, the more opportunities to get acquainted. If you want women to start a conversation with you, give them an interesting pretext.