Travel Refund – Advice for travel refunds during the pandemic

You may have planned a trip ahead of time, but then the pandemic happened and now you can’t travel to your vacation spot.

If you don’t know what to do in this situation, then we have some advice for you to get some travel refunds so that you can save money. Keep these travel refund tips in mind so that you don’t have to worry about your cancelled trips.

Check the company’s refund policy

Each company will have a different policy when involving refunds, so you should check that first and foremost. No matter what though, as stated by Travel Refund, “The airline has certain obligations in the event of a flight cancellation.” Go on their websites and see what they say so that you can check if your personal situation fits in their policy. For example, some will offer refunds when you cancel a week ahead of time while others may not offer any refunds.

However, keep in mind that some businesses will update their refund policies based on the pandemic. Make sure that you look for the most updated version and also check to see if the business made a specific statement for the pandemic. For example, some businesses may offer travel refunds when you normally would have to pay to cancel.

In short, double check with the company to find out their refund policies for travelling.

Contact customer service

If you can’t find answers online, then you should try and reach out to customer service. Businesses create these branches so that you can get the answers that you need, so take advantage of them. Go to their official website to make sure that you get the correct contact information for your situation.

From here, you can then call or email their customer service to get the answers that you need. Make sure to show the customer service representatives some respect as you interact with them. Also, some businesses may have long queue times during the pandemic, so pick a time where you can wait to get a response.

After getting in contact with them, ask your questions and also seek a refund if possible.

Prepare ahead of time

You can never predict these kinds of situations and when they could happen, so make sure that you plan ahead of time in the future. On top of checking refund policies before making a purchase, you should also see if the company offers insurance options. This means that you could receive a full refund by purchasing some insurance.

Airlines are known for offering insurance on all flights so that you can cancel them without issue. Since you can’t predict what may happen, you should get insurance on your travel plans when possible. This will help you to save money if you face an emergency or any unexpected situations.


Even though this pandemic occurred, you can still seek travel refunds to save some money since most businesses understand the situation. Make sure that you follow these tips so that you can save money now and in the future when you need to travel again.