Why it’s wise to use end of tenancy cleaning services when moving?

Whether you’re tenants moving out of your current rental property or you’re a landlord and have tenants vacating one of your properties soon, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to book an end of tenancy clean at some point.

End of tenancy cleans are very common and are fast becoming part and parcel of the property industry. The question we’re looking at today however, is just how long does end of tenancy cleaning actually take?

To answer this question properly, it pays to look at what exactly an end of tenancy clean is and what it involves.

What is an end of tenancy clean?

At the end of any tenancy agreement, the tenant is (usually) required to clean the rental property before they vacate. It must be left in the same state in which they took the property on. The only way to achieve this is with the help of a thorough end of tenancy clean. Only once this has been completed will a landlord release the tenants deposit (providing no further damage has been caused to the property beyond what an end of tenancy clean can achieve).

The question is, when carrying out an end of tenancy clean, can this be achieved by yourself or will you need to hire professional help?

Hiring professional cleaners

End of tenancy cleaning is a very specialised service that offers a very high level of cleaning. End of tenancy cleaning follows a very strict routine checklist of deep clean tasks in order to ensure the property is completely refreshed and without the necessary solutions and equipment, this can’t always be achieved. From skirting boards to coving, rugs, carpets and more, this level of cleaning cannot be achieved in just a couple of hours.

That being said, an end of tenancy clean isn’t the same as a simple run through of the home and requires a far more intense level of cleaning. For that reason, it takes a lot longer than a regular clean of your entire house would.

To find out more about the length of time an end of tenancy clean would normally take, we went to Cleaning Express, a professional cleaning service provider in London to find out more.

End of tenancy cleaning – How long does it take?

In short, an end of tenancy clean will usually take all day. It may however take just a few hours for 1-2 bedroom properties if you have a number of cleaning operatives working at the same time. Cleaning Express however, have emphasised the point that any reputable company will not and simply can not give you a more specific time until they’ve actually assessed the property itself. End of tenancy cleans are a deep clean routine that takes a lot of time and it’s simply down to the cleaning team themselves to decide how long it’s going to take them. Whether you own a one bedroom flat or a three bedroom house, Cleaning Express suggests freeing up one day just in case.

End of tenancy cleaning gets you your deposit back

End of tenancy cleaning is vital in order for you to get your deposit back. If you’d like more information on end of tenancy cleans and how Cleaning Express could help you with your end of tenancy cleans in London, simply contact them today on 0203 633 0390.