Useful tips to help you save money & make money at home this year

Whether you are working from home right now or you are furloughed, you might be thinking of some ways that you can save money while at home. Or perhaps you are also looking for ways to make more money at home too.

Thankfully, there are many ways that you can do both! If you are looking after your household, there are many useful house cleaning tips that will save time and money, such as making your own homemade cleaning solutions. There are also ways that you can rethink your spending too such as assessing your weekly shopping list and curbing your online shopping spends. If you want to make more money at home, as well as saving some, then there are also many at-home opportunities too such as freelancing or making money as a blogger.

How to save money at home

1. Resist the temptation to splurge

If you have a lot more time on your hands at home, it can be all too tempting to browse online for things you don’t really need. You might be buying items on Amazon or eBay and receiving multiple parcels per month or per week. However, it could be wise to stop and think whether you really need those items. Why not save your money and treat yourself at the end of the month instead? If you are doing online grocery shopping at home, it can also be tempting to add things to your cart that you don’t need too. Take some time to assess your weekly shopping list and look for ways that you can save yourself some money.

2. Be more energy efficient at home

Homeowners can do many things to help them reduce their monthly energy bills. Simple things such as properly switching off electronic appliances instead of placing them on standby can go a long way towards lowering your bills each month. Implementing bigger changes can also help you receive more noticeable benefits. For instance, installing a water-efficient showerhead in your bathroom will assist in reducing the amount of hot water being used without causing you to lose power. You may also want to consider switching to LED lightbulbs if you are committed to reducing energy consumption. While it will cost you to replace light fixtures in the entire house, the energy savings received in return can amount to a lot each year.

3. Do some home DIY jobs

You might be wondering why do people redecorate their homes? One of the reasons is because it can help save money, rather than hiring an expert to do the job. One of the easiest ways to save money at home is by doing DIY jobs yourself. Do you need your bedroom painting? Or maybe some furniture assembling? As well as helping to save money, some of the other common reasons why people do home DIY are: to learn new skills, to repurpose old items rather than throwing them away, to keep busy if you’re bored, and to gain a sense of accomplishment.

How to make money at home

1. Become a virtual assistant

If you possess excellent organisational skills, have strong digital skills, and are a good communicator, this could be your chance to make some money at home as a virtual assistant. For this, you need to be able to work remotely and also have a strong internet connection. While working at home you need to be able to easily adjust to the needs of your employer. For a virtual assistant you will need to have motivation, determination, and focus, as working remotely can sometimes be distracting. As many businesses are looking for virtual assistants to reduce their labour costs and to outsource work, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to make some money.

2. Offer your professional expertise & utilise your skills

If you have some great professional knowledge, skills, and expertise, why not put them to good use? There are many ways that you can make some money at home by utilising your skills, qualifications, and certifications, and offering your professional insight and expertise to others. This is applicable to many different industries too. If you are trained in a specific field, you can use your knowledge to provide insight to others on podcasts, in video tutorials, or in blog guides. You can easily use your skills for Castbox, Youtube, and WordPress – and eventually make money from them if you put in the hard work. If you are a professional in the horticultural industry, there are some gardening business ideas you can work on from home too such as offering gardening consultancy or holiday garden care to customers.

3. Start freelancing

No matter which type of industry you are in, there are always some opportunities for you to become a freelancer in it. While at home, you can research some of the best freelance websites to find work in 2020 to see which ones suit you best. Whether you are a graphic designer, a marketing expert, or an animator, websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer may have the perfect freelance opportunities for you. Some of the most popular searches for freelance professionals are for translations, graphic design, and copywriting as well as social media marketing. You can get paid as a freelancer to help businesses or individuals revamp their branding, proofread their publications, create social profiles for them, write cover letters and resumes, design banners, create illustrations and so much more. With more and more people outsourcing work in 2020, now could be the time to offer your expertise.