Make money on YouTube: Reality or myth?

As YouTube remains one of the most popular social platforms in the world, lots of people turn their attention to the profit that it can possibly give.

Making money on YouTube is no myth. There’s no secret that being a significant personality on YouTube can make a good income. However, it is not that simple to make money from blogging only. So many people still have jobs and use YouTube as a platform for an additional source of income.

Here we want to share with you, what are the powerful instruments to make money on YouTube.

Keep an eye on your metrics

There are a few significant stats that make monetizing happen. These are subscribers and watch time. To generate revenue, you need to have at least a thousand subscribers on your channel, and a watch time that equals no less than four thousand hours in one year. That means that you have to be very attentive to your views. The easiest way to increase your watch time is to gross some of those.

In order to outrun the competitors from your niche, you can buy, for example, 200 YouTube views on trustworthy sites like This is not a big purchase, even when you are at the start of your career, but it allows you to turn the interest of more users to your channel. Don’t buy too large numbers, always make your growth organic. In order to become an influential persona on YouTube, you have to concentrate on users who come by your blog on their own.

Stick to YouTube policies

Even with purchasing views on YouTube, you still have lots of work to do. As the paragraph says, you must follow the policies and guidelines of the platform if you want some money from them.

To start monetizing your content, you have to apply to the YouTube Partner Program. After the application, you will be reviewed by YouTube. The goal of this review is to see if you are following all the rules and guidelines of the network.

It should be also mentioned that YouTube tends to check up on monetized channels from time to time. Thus, you must always be aware of that, as YouTube authorities may discard your revenue without noticing that to you.

Alternative ways of earning money on YouTube

Personal merchandise and barter deals

This option opens after you build a strong community of fans around your channel. Firstly, when you gain an audience big enough, you become a point of interest to brands and productions of different kinds. Selling products through advertising them in blogs is a large part of newborn influencer marketing. Also, there is a method to earn money on YouTube that speculates on the humans wish to stay involved. Basically, we are talking here about merch. The most popular things to make money with are:

  • Selling clothes and/or accessories that portray your catchphrases or recognizable moments of your blog life.
  • Promoting clothes of certain brands. Sometimes the smaller brands will contact you by themselves. In this case, you may not receive money, but still can get a nice t-shirt for free.
  • Reviews of any products. Sometimes you can have a check, or get the products without charge as well.
  • Food delivery reviews. Also a good method to have a fine dinner for free!

The list of things you can promote and make revenue of, is practically endless. Remember that a good rule for a blogger who wants to keep the trust of his audience would be:

Do not neglect your audience in the pursuit of money. Advertising low-quality products will soon badly impact your success as a blogger. 


Running a good blog on YouTube is hard. It requires lots of time and effort to keep up the tempo and not disappoint the viewers. As your blog goes bigger, the amount of work progresses too. So content creators are providing a new sort of interaction with the help of Patreon platform. This method offers a new sort of relationship between the author and his viewers. The way it works is bright as day – if your subscribers want to see more content from you, they should support you. Thus you will have motivation and time to work harder on your videos. To encourage your subscribers to become patrons, you must offer them something exclusive. Those can be:

  • Special videos, or insights to your work, available only for patrons
  • Merchandise treats
  • Possibility to engage a personal communication
  • Any other thing you can think of that will please your patrons

Don’t forget to announce the launch of your Patreon. An don’t be shy to ask people to become patrons. On your behalf, you must be working on the quality of your content to make your viewers want to support you, and become friends with your audience as well.

FUN FACT: This method is quite historical – philanthropy was the way to support creators of content since the ancient times (thanks to this guy). 

A few words to summarize it all

There are a billion details that affect the income you can get from YouTube. The sphere of social media is still evolving, and the possibility to be a full-time blogger is strongly connected to the actual amount of effort you are ready to put in. In this article, we have highlighted some of the most successful ways to make some money on YouTube. All of them are not too hard to fulfill, but yet require much devotion. And the main rule for anyone who wants to reach success is to stay yourself in any circumstances. A bald wish to earn some money should not be the reason to start a channel on YouTube.

We wish you luck and inspiration! Have fun!