What You Need to Know about Branding Your Packaging

Prioritising your branding and packaging design is a top priority if you want to be successful. Having your product packaging on point and meeting both brand and legal expectations is a very important process that can not be ignored.

Remember that when customers are first making their purchasing decision, your packaging is the first thing they notice, and they are making assumptions immediately. Here are some branding considerations to make when it comes to designing your packaging.

Branding and Design

Your packaging must look visually appealing if customers are to select your products from a wide range of brands. The smallest details matter when it comes to reflecting your brand’s identity and establishing a connection with them. From the product labelling to the typography, customers will determine how they associate themselves with your brand.

The design of your product must match the brand’s personality, transcending the company’s values and beliefs. For example, does your brand want to be viewed as exciting? Or do you want the customer to feel your company is experienced and serious in its business practice? The correct packaging styles will communicate this effectively using colours, images, and materials. For example, an eco-friendly company may use green colours, rough paper, and simple designs for their products.

Legal Requirements

The UK government has rigorous product labelling requirements that are in place to protect the customer from misinformation, allergies, health effects, etc. These requirements must be met by law if you are to trade in certain markets such as the EU. Considering the product list all the ingredients, batch numbers, names, and addresses of the people responsible is vital in your packaging design.

Certain economic blocks have different regulations and require the products to list additional information. It is therefore imperative that your packaging can be adapted for various trading areas. Some additional information that will be required may be the volume, warning images, and tamper-free features.

Benefits of your packaging

Choosing the right packaging and branding is an essential component of your brand identity and to show your customers you have a superior product. To make the most out of your product packaging here are some tips to gain a competitive edge.

  1. Stand out from the crowd by making captivating designs, being bold, and playful to catch the customer’s attention.
  2. Influence the customer’s decision with colour, texture, and images to perfect your identity. The human brain reacts in unique ways when seeing different colours. Decide the right colour for your brand and incorporate slogans and headings that match.
  3. Create clever packaging and experience for customers from when they receive the product to unboxing it. Find ways to elicit emotion and make the product almost jump off the shelf due to its uniqueness and fun, hands-on experience.
  4. Research, research, research. This is very important, and you can easily increase brand engagement just by identifying what works well in the market. For example, people are becoming more environmentally conscious. Choosing packaging that reflects this can boost your sales and create a positive brand association.