Why is it important that businesses are active on social media?

Social media is a potent tool in society, for both personal and business use. Many businesses have now adopted the use of social media for their digital marketing strategies.

Through remaining active on a variety of popular social media channels they can reach millions of customers from different parts of the world. There are many new developing opportunities for brands to interact with target audiences of ages appropriate to the products and services on offer, with the introduction of new channels such as Tik Tok opening up new opportunities each year.

From connecting people with their colleagues, to businesses, and to their customers, the advantages of social media are endless. Social media can help businesses boost their reach and client base, and help them be relevant and noticed in a competitive business world. With many companies updating their socials almost every day, and posting on a variety of platforms, can businesses really afford to be inactive on social media in today’s society?

1. Social media can help boost brand awareness

Social media is a potent tool when it comes to growing your brand awareness. There are several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others that can help you promote your brand and what you offer. LinkedIn is just one social channel that is great for brand awareness and lead generation as it has around 600 million users so far. The social channel has many great opportunities to network with other professionals in your industry. To ensure that users see your content, you will need to post regularly or promote some posts with adverts. Also, ensure you have a complete profile and picture of yourself. You can use a corporate headshots photographer to help you get the right profile picture to use on LinkedIn and other marketing or information materials you put out. To track your progress, you can even put your data into a social media report template to see your results better.

2. It can also help to boost marketplace awareness

It is through marketplace awareness that businesses can find out the needs and wants of their customers. By conducting customer research on social channels and interacting with users, brands and businesses can discover what customers want. For example, on Twitter there are many hashtags and trends that businesses can look at to assess what their customer base is talking about online. In sectors like iGaming, brands such as Slot Boss can update their members about new games they can play and special offers that are available using channels including Twitter and Facebook to connect to an appropriate audience.

3. Social media can help you gain more website visitors

As well as promoting your services or products, social channels can also help drive targeted traffic to your website. Through Facebook adverts, promoted tweets, or promoted pins, businesses can include website links in social media content for customers to click through to their website. For example, if you are a clothing company that has a new range to promote, then channels like Instagram can be ideal for you to use. As Instagram is a visual-lead social channel, you can show off high-quality photographs of your products on the main feed, Instagram Stories, or even utilise IGTV. While links within post captions don’t work, links to your website can instead be featured in your page bio, a swipe up option on Stories (if you have a verified account or 10k followers), or through the Instagram Shopping feature.

4. Using social media can help increase conversion rates

Social channels are also a great opportunity for you to increase the conversion rates for your business. Promoting regular content on Twitter or Facebook, such as news of a discount sale or a free delivery offer, can help to drive visitors to your website and increase your conversions. A variety of social channels can be utilised to inform and influence customers into visiting your website for more information. While social media can be beneficial to use for your business, it is also wise to remember that there are also many common mistakes in social media marketing you can make too. From over-generalising your posts to not using a social media calendar, there are always factors to consider that can impact the success of your campaign.

5. Being active & responding to enquiries can help boost customer loyalty

Attracting and maintaining a loyal customer base is an essential task that every business strives to achieve. Businesses that are active on social media make it easy for customers to find and connect with them. By connecting with customers through social media, businesses are more likely to increase their rate of customer retention and loyalty. The primary way through which businesses maintain a loyal customer base is through customer satisfaction as customers prefer a brand that they can connect with. When they have issues or questions about a product, clients adore business brands that they can contact quickly through social media platforms, such as with instant messaging and comments, and other means.

6. There are a wide range of social channels for you to utilise

One way to improve brand awareness and gain more customers is to be active where your audience is active, like social media. In 2020, there are many social media sites to consider for your brand, such as the common four: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. But there are also many other popular channels to use too like Tik Tok, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Reddit. Your type of business and type of target audience can determine which socials will be the most beneficial for you to use. For example, if you are a video production agency, Youtube would be more effective for you to use to promote your work. If you are targeting a young audience, then Instagram or Tik Tok could be the perfect channels for you to target that audience group.