Why your local cab service is better than Uber

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s safe to say you’ll have heard of the rideshare company Uber. Along with other similarly structured companies such as Lyft, Uber have been taking city centres by storm. 

Despite several attempts to shut them down due to issues regarding passenger safety, Uber and the likes the Lyft have been going from strength to strength in London, Manchester, Birmingham and more. 

Their appeal isn’t difficult to see thanks to the use of an app. However, despite the apparent ease of use, companies like Woking Taxi Services, think a local cab service such as theirs win hands down every single time and here’s why…

Book with an actual person

Technology is geared toward letting people get what they want without much human interaction but it’s this human interaction that people so desperately want. Whether you have an issue that needs dealing with or simply want a person at the end of the line to make booking your cab for multiple people and multiple locations that much easier, with local taxis services, you can. Say goodbye to fiddly apps and instead book your journey with an actual person who understands what you’re asking.

Enjoy truly knowledgeable drivers

As convenient as it may be for some, Uber simply requires all drivers to use a sat nav. While most taxi drivers will enjoy traffic updates from their sat nav, they all possess a keen knowledge of the areas in which they drive. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that some drivers possess an encyclopaedic knowledge of their area.

Rest assured you’re safe with us

There have been numerous questions surrounding the safety of the users of Uber. With several incidents occurring on what feels like a weekly basis due to poor security checks on drivers. 

Those using local taxi services can rest assured that not only do the local councils have strict criteria when it comes to the licensed drivers that get hired, but also most taxi firms carry out extensive security checks to ensure the safety of the people they drive around. 

With services such as Woking Taxis Airport Transfers, you can rest assured that your safety is in very good hands.

Know what you’re spending

While it may be nice and easy having an app deal with the payment of a journey, with Uber you don’t always know what you’re paying. Your approximate journey price can and often does vary when you reach your end destination. Many local taxi firms however, make you know exactly what you’re paying from the very beginning.

Contact a trusted taxi firm today

If you’d like more information on a local cab service, please don’t hesitate to contact Woking Taxis today on 01483 310164. They will ensure you travel in comfort and style wherever you need to go, be it a corporate journey or an airport run. Woking Taxi have you covered.