3 ways the newest technology can help your business

The business world has been transforming for the last two decades, and at the forefront of all these changes is technology – small-form-factor computers, the internet, the telephone, the smartphone, the internet of things, and recently the cloud and machine learning.

The biggest disruptions in the business world recently have been driven by technology. If you don’t adopt new technologies in your business, you’ll likely become less competitive, fall behind, and see lowering revenues as your competitors adopt the newest technology.

Sadly, non-techie business managers have trouble envisioning how new technologies can help them optimize their business and increase the value of the service they’re providing. This article aims to show you multiple easy and actionable ways you can use the newest technology to boost your business.

#1 Going online

Going online has never been easier – nowadays, you can create a business website, a Google MyBusiness listing, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel all at almost no cost in a few days. These give you a lot of new avenues to explore business opportunities and build a brand for your business.

If you are totally new to technology, and you’re running a very traditional business and haven’t introduced any tech to your business processes, this is the first thing you need to do. Especially for local small & medium-sized businesses, you have the opportunity to more than double your revenues in a short time. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can build your website with Acclaim, a great service that helps you build websites in a quick, inexpensive, and professional manner.

#2 Customer interactions

Unless you’re a large multinational company, you need to make every customer interaction count – implementing the first will already make it immensely easy for your clients to interact with you and provide necessary feedback to point you to ways you can optimize and improve the services/products you’re providing.

But, despite this, there are more ways you can make customer interactions more satisfying and smoother:

  • Reply bots: Reply bots on social media is a relatively new use of technology you can use to help your customers. Customers can interact with these bots through predefined choices, and you can easily create an interactive FAQ when potential customers message you on social media. It helps elucidate your services and products quickly to potential customers without any input on your part.
  • Email template: You can use interactive email templates with prepared customizable statements – these allow you to send more professional and better-written responses to clients, which ultimately, makes your business appear more responsive and professional.

#3 Digital auditing and analysis

Auditing is one of the most time-consuming and attention-demanding parts of managing a business – how is your business doing this week? How much revenue are you generating this week? How does it compare with this week last year? How does it compare with last month? Has any of your products gone missing? How are your employees performing?

Collecting and analyzing all this data manually will literally take days, and it is nigh impossible for a business manager without hiring an assistant to take care of it.

Thankfully, with the newest technologies, you can do all of this automatically – just by installing an auditing system integrating it correctly with your business processes. You can check your revenue trend with a click of a button, compare it with your performance at the same time period last year, check measurable employee performance, and much more. Adopting digital auditing can save you thousands of dollars each year alone.