Psychometric testing and the cool blue manager

Psychometric testing is a psychological tool that covers knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes and job/academic potential.

The three different types of psychometric testing include aptitude tests which cover numeracy and literacy skills, behavioural tests which highlight specific personality traits and assessments which test communication abilities.

One particular type of psychometric testing, known as Insights Discovery, is a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung. The method provides you with a unique profiling system. Insights Discovery helps understand the different personality traits in you and your team. The test has proven to help improve performance and business culture.

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What is Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery uses a four-colour model to highlight key personality preferences and associated behaviours. This information allows you to build on relationships in the workplace. The four-colour model includes fiery red, sunshine yellow, earth green and cool blue. It gives you an insight into your preferences, abilities and what value you bring to the team.

Reality HR CEO, Sally-Ann Hall-Jones says, “Businesses tell us that using Insights Discovery improves communication, decreases conflict, leaves more time to get the job done and creates a happier and more productive workplace – all benefits that promote company success.”

Each colour from the four-colour model signifies a different trait; fiery red represents pragmatic and results-driven people. Sunshine Yellow represents more informal and spontaneous individuals. Earth green describes the more casual and considered characters and lastly, the cool blue character is formal, logical and good at problem-solving.

Cool blue characters are logical and process-driven, and as mentioned above, good at problem-solving. As they are known to be well organised and detailed individuals, they can make good managers.

The cool blue manager characteristics

If your managers Insights Discovery colours lead with the cool blue, you may already recognise them as being generally cautious, precise, analytical and formal.

They are logical characters, and these leaders have a strong desire to know and understand the world around them. They are likely to take time to organise their thoughts and analyse the situation before committing to a decision. They are sometimes described as introverted and quietly go about getting things done.

Everyone has their good days and bad days and cool blue managers are no exception. There are a couple of things to look out for when dealing with these types of leaders.

The benefits of a cool blue manager

Cool blue managers are the most logical on the psychometric testing scale, and often detached themselves from emotion when making business decisions. They view problems pragmatically, which helps defuse situations and allow logic and truth to emerge. They’re great organisers and will help teams to prepare for any business issues. They usually remain composed in a crisis and rely on evidence when making decisions.

To get the best out of a cool blue manager you should put things in writing. Preferably with a follow-up email to cover any agreements of what was discussed. Give them time to consider the details of what you are saying. When dealing with a cool blue manager, you will need to be well prepared and thorough.

The weaknesses of a cool blue manager

Managers with dominant blue energy can get stuck over analysing situations, nit-picking and being too detailed. They can sometimes lack emotion, and so this can be an issue in the workplace as this can come across as cold and stuffy. If under pressure, they can be indecisive and lack the ability to make quick decisions. The indecisiveness and lack of quick thinking may cause issues when business problems that need quick response do come up.

If you work with a cool blue manager, it’s important to not go off on a tangent. Stick to the point and only discuss the specific details. Due to their introverted nature, they likely aren’t the most social in the workplace. It’s best not to invade their personal space or hug them if you don’t know them very well.

If blue managers work on their weakness and find alternatives to help them deal with situations that they find uncomfortable, they will thrive.

You may recognise some of these characteristics with people in your workplace, or even in yourself. Although you will be more dominant in one colour when taking the Insights Discovery test, you usually have a blend of all colours.

Psychometric testing gives you the knowledge of knowing yours and your colleagues’ traits will help improve communication, performance and therefore business results.