Why your company need’s a photo booth

When the majority of people think of photo booths, they think of the photo booths that take up a large footprint and cover those having their photo taken.

Technology however, has advanced somewhat. In the century that digital photo booths have been around not only has the camera quality improved but the technology itself has shrunk to the point you can hold a photo booth in your hand.

photo boothIn actual fact, photo booths today allow people to enjoy every aspect of a photo booth from the more conveniently sized device that is an iPad. So much so, that companies around the world are utilising the benefits of having a photo booth day to day. From GIF’s to digital props and the ability to take it with you virtually anywhere, the addition of a photo booth to your company could be a great one.

Digital photo booth software – A powerful medium for your business

If you’re still unsure whether digital photo booth software is a great fit for your company, keep reading. We have a number of benefits that show why visual imagery will provide a great boost to both your company and your staff.

Enjoy great team headshots

On any company’s page you’re guaranteed to find an ‘about us’ or ‘meet the team’ page. While the vast majority opt for professional photography shots, with digital photo booth software such as Snappic, you could enjoy some seriously unique team headshots that don’t just show your team but show their incredible personality too. 

Having such unique headshots will also help to set you apart from the competition who are more than likely to have more mainstream pictures. Just totally reimagine the usual boring corporate headshot and reinvent your company at the same time. Make things fun and enjoyable and watch everyone volunteer to take part.

Provide entertainment during company socials

We all know how important company socials are. Not only do they give employees the chance to let off steam but they also help provide a great team building environment. One of the greatest ways of bringing people together is through the use of photography. There’s nothing like a photo booth selfie to bring a group of people together and help them remember the great night they had not only with their team but with your company and with brand templates, your company will be remembered each time the picture is enjoyed.

Give the team a little excitement

Digital photo booths don’t just have to be saved for the company Christmas do. The people on your team are one of your most valuable assets but if you’re a start up or a small business, you won’t always have the funds to reward them. Having access to a digital photo booth is an incredible employee perk which can incorporate numerous staff incentives from recognising employee of the month with a carefully branded template, to giving them access to it for the weekend when they reach certain goals.

Contact Snappic today

If you like the idea of incorporating digital photo booth software into your company, then we suggest you take a look at the likes of Snappic. Get Snappic offers amazing, affordable photo booth software that can be used on iPads anytime, anywhere. From branded microsites to data capture and more, the benefits of having digital photo booth software go way beyond merely taking a great snapshot.