3 essential support services for savvy employees

Because of the way wages have stagnated in real terms while the cost of living has risen perpetually, many of us (even those in senior or middle-management roles) are living paycheck to paycheck and unable to save much, if anything, to support us through unforeseen circumstances.

And with the way the world is right now, this lack of support makes looking after yourself and your family more precarious than ever.

While some of us work for progressive companies that genuinely want the best for us inside and out with work, others are faced with the reality of employment based on the stark yet simple philosophy of employers squeezing as much work as possible from us for minimum reward.

With that in mind, it’s more important now than ever to know your rights when it comes to employment and has access to skilled professionals ready to fight your corner if necessary.

Take a look at these three essential support services for savvy employees – forearmed is forewarned!

1. Union

Unions in the UK might not have the teeth they had back in their heyday, but the best of them will still stand up for your rights at work and ensure that employers approach every aspect of their interactions with you by the book.

For the price of a fast-food meal for two each month, you can join a national union like Unite and have peace of mind that you can call on their varied services at any time.

2. Employment lawyer

If things take a serious turn at your work and you feel you have a claim for unfair or constructive dismissal, discrimination, breach of contract, or bullying, you’ll need expert legal advice from an employment lawyer like Mason Bullock.

When your relationship with your current or former employer becomes adversarial, be sure that they’ll pull on all of their professional resources to fight their case and protect their reputation – you must do exactly the same.

3. MP

When you feel you’ve been unfairly treated at work and don’t know where else to turn, it can’t do any harm to bring your case to the attention of your MP.

No matter your political affiliation, an important part of your parliamentary representative’s job is defending your rights as a constituent. If you don’t know why your MP currently is, don’t worry – you can look them up by postcode on parliamentary site TheyWorkForYou. Sometimes strong words softly spoken in an employers ear by a public figure with a media profile can work wonders!

Consider these three support sources seriously – in the current employment climate it’s essential that you can access expert support instantly in times of trouble.

Better to have access to help and not need it than to have to scramble around for assistance when your livelihood is at stake!