Ways you can use Instagram to boost your business

In the majority of cases, the very first impression that a potential client receives of your business is that provided by your company social media pages. If you’re not careful, a group of social media pages is all that your company will remain as to some viewers who may move on to more appealing, engaging and attractive competitor pages.

Luckily, there is plenty you can do to tweak your social media profile, and there are plenty of ways to boost your business by attracting more followers which should lead to an increased customer base. With a closer look at how your business can use Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most-used social media outlets and has proved a hugely successful platform for millions of businesses. Instagram is easy to use; there is no doubt about it, but to increase your organic Instagram growth it’s going to take a bit more than just posting your latest iPhone photos every now and then. You’ll need clear strategy, organisation and to remain dedicated in order to fully take advantage of Instagram. Follow our top tips to get the most out of Instagram for your business.

Instagram business

When setting up your Instagram, choose a business account. This comes at no additional charge, but enables you to have important contact details on your profile, whilst obtaining data and analysis for you to interpret also.

The importance of the handle

During the first few steps of setting up your page, you’ll be required to choose an Instagram ‘handle’. A handle is simply another term for a username, but handles are important. They are visible next to everything you post; every comment you make and every image or comment you ‘like’. You can change your handle at a later date, but it’s worth giving it some thought and getting it right at the very start.

Use something relating to your business – whether it’s selling cakes, personal training or online slots such as those at Gold Rush UK– using the same spelling where possible to avoid confusion, and try to keep it clear, clean and concise. If your ideal handle is already in use, try to avoid the addition of numbers or punctuation, which can serve to confuse people searching for your profile or wanting to tag you.

Consistent & versatile posting

Try to find the right balance when it comes to sharing and posting; you want to maintain the interests of your current followers whilst attempting to attract more, yet you don’t want to bombard your followers and drive them away. If your feed is quiet, you could easily be forgotten. The key is to be consistent, with perhaps one (maybe two) posts each day. For instance, you could post to your regular feed once per day, and follow up with a temporary Instagram ‘story’ once per day too. The regular feed stays on your profile permanently (unless you actively delete it), while stories are usually used as temporary updates which expire after 24 hours. Make use of both options; regular posts are great for images, while stories are very well suited to short video clips or little developments that you’d like to briefly share with your audience.

Be versatile with your posts, keeping your followers engaged, and ensure your posts are well-thought out, neat and appealing. Consider your lighting, background and caption, as well as your subject. You needn’t have an amazing camera or be a professional photographer; just a little planning and care can produce very attractive and interesting Instagram pictures.


You might assume it isn’t worth interacting with other businesses on Instagram, particularly competitors. However, supporting other companies trying to build their following on social media is not only a generous gesture, it can also help your own cause. It means that your handle is visible on their page, which could generate further followers from their audience. Furthermore, they may show some love in return, giving your page a further boost.