Getting offices prepared for the return of workers

Preparations are now gathering serious momentum in the efforts for people to begin returning to work. This is the case for a number of different industries, which means office spaces are going to begin being used once more.

With social distancing measures still being required as your workers return, it begs the question, ‘how are you going to grapple with these complex issues?’

Ensuring the safety of staff within such an enclosed environment is going to be a complex one for many. Ensuring the space isn’t just safe but lawful too which undoubtedly causes numerous questions and concerns.

However, while many will be in the throes of reopening, it’s likely that there will be some time before a great deal of office spaces can open. This gap offers businesses not only a little breathing space when it comes to managing the logistics of staff and social distancing but also provides office managers the perfect opportunity to ensure their office space is as clean as it can possibly be.

It’s time to prepare & help reduce the risk

This moment in time before your workers return, whether that’s a complete return or a mixture of home working and in-office working, you have the perfect opportunity to prepare the space you have. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of a professional cleaning company. By this however, we mean a commercial cleaning company who understands the requirements of cleaning a commercial space. 

Utilise office cleaning services

A professional office cleaning service is important during any time, particularly so however, during and following the height of a global pandemic such as this. To make things easier, it pays to use a company who aren’t just experienced but have the contacts to provide you with a high-quality, complete service.  

Capital is one such company who provides a plethora of office cleaning services. They specialise in data centre and computer equipment cleaning however, have been using select partners for a number of years to carry out more thorough office cleans. 

This means that regardless of whether you’re looking for a basic office clean, a regular office clean with more specialist services included such as data centre cleaning, or a more specialised deep clean of your IT equipment before your workers return, Capital has you covered.

Dig deep with office equipment cleaning

While a complete office clean would suffice for some however, Capital offers a more in-depth service that right now, is needed more than ever. 

Touch points have been a focal point in the news for some time now and due to the nature in which the COVID-19 virus spreads, touch points must become a focus point within any office cleaning routine. 

While everyone may have their own desk space, touch points throughout the office itself could and will undoubtedly become a harborer of germs. Thankfully with Capital’s specific office equipment cleaning services, this risk factor can be put to rest almost immediately.

Considering the amount of shared equipment throughout an office space, it’s easy to see just how quickly and rather efficiently a virus could potentially spread. With the correct cleaning procedures in place however, that specialise in office equipment specifically, focusing on crucial touch points and other areas of shared space will help reduce risk dramatically.

From telephones to keyboards, laptops to desktops; office equipment and computer equipment cleaning isn’t just an extra added bonus, it’s an absolute necessity during the current climate and taking advantage of an empty office space is simple common sense.

If you’d like more information on office cleaning and office equipment cleaning services, to help prepare your office space for the impending return of staff, we recommend you contact Capital today on 0800 013 2182.