Keys to a successful business website that brings instant results

I know prior to coming here, you’ve probably read lots of headlines promising to show you how to transform the status of your business website, only to get into the post and discover that their tips are not so helpful after all.

Well, don’t blame them; most people forget that the key to the success of a business website is quite different from that of other websites. While what you need with most websites is merely the traffic, a business website demands results from both traffic and action from the traffic (lead, sales, or subscription).

We’ve broken this guide into a two-part series, one for gaining traffic and the other (which is the most important) for inspiring an action.

Read on to find out what we’ve got for you on getting instant results from your business website.

Part 1: Bringing traffic to the site

Guest posting: A very good way to attract people to your site is to present your brand name to them on a platform they trust. Unfortunately, not many of these platforms allow random brands to just dump their brand ad on them. But they do allow reputable guest posting services. So, if you work with a paid guest posting service like Rankwisely, they’ll help you create great content, within which they’ll infuse your brand name and publish on the platforms where your target audiences visit the most.

Promote content in online communities: If you can identify where your target audiences love to spend the most time online, you can simply go there to promote your content. This could be Facebook groups, Instagram, Reddit, Slack, Forums, Quora, etc. But if you don’t really know where they love to hang out, you can get a guest posting service UK to help you figure that out and publish your content there.

Collaborate with other brands: If you’re into a coffee business, why not cross-promote your business website alongside a CBD website? Or let’s say you sell tiles, you can partner with an electrical installation website.

My point being? Whatever it is your business is into, simply find other brands that share similar audiences with you and promote your business website on their platform.

Use Google and YouTube: With the right SEO techniques, your business website has the chance to be featured on both YouTube and Google’s SERPs – two of the most visited websites in the world. So, why not leverage the opportunity to rank your website higher on their pages?

It is as simple as hiring a reputable SEO company to do the job for you. If they do it well (which I know they’ll; if you hire a good company), your business website will become visible to millions of people, many of which are actually looking to buy what you sell. Same for YouTube!

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Part II: Compelling an action from the traffic

Appealing appearance

First and foremost, your business website needs to appear appealing to incoming visitors if you want them to stay long enough on the site to carry out the action you expect from them. Slow loading speed, unattractive text font, and theme, absence of site map, tough navigation, and too many clicks are some of the biggest turn-offs for today’s website visitor.

So, if you want your site to start selling that product or service you’re advertising on it, then it’s high time you reached out to a website design company like to help you improve your site UX.

Great content

An attractive website is just half the job; you also need to invest in creating awesome content, if you want your business website to start produced results. Gone are the days of salesy content. Today, when someone comes to your website, they don’t expect to find numerous CTAs telling them to buy this, buy that, subscribe to this, subscribe to that.

No, that’s not what they’ve come to your site to do. Instead, they’ve come to “learn more,” and you’ve got to show them more if you harbor any hopes of convincing them to spend their hard-earned money on your site.

For instance, if you offer garden shed services, additional information on the benefits of garden sheds, what they stand to lose by not having a garden shed are great value-added content. If you sell clothes, provide not only information on your clothes but how-to combine various outfits, what to wear with what, and stuff like that.

Ease of doing business

While the major thing on your mind is the product or service, you want to sell. You should create at least a page for your contact information, wherein your local address, phone numbers, email, and other details can be found.

I visit some sites, and I see only their email at the bottom of the site. This is not good at all. Because there are many visitors like me, who in an attempt to make further inquiry might prefer to reach out via calls. If possible, place your contact information on every page.

Assuage their fears

With the many sob stories flying around the internet today about scams and frauds, one can only assume that an average website visitor has doubts in their mind. To assuage these fears, you should place your site security certificates (such as SSL, PCI, and other relevant certificates) at strategic locations on the site where visitors can see them. This way, anyone coming to the site for the first time will feel confident to trade with you.


Another way to compel an action from your traffic is by getting your business website traffic from search engine results. When people search on engines like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, they trust that they’re getting the best results. So, when they visit any of the sites displayed to them on the first page, they approach it with the hopes that it bears everything they’re looking for.

Honestly speaking, they’re not wrong. For you now to get your website on these pages is the challenge. But with the help of an SEO service company like SEO services Canada, you can trust that all your web pages will be optimized to make the first pages of Google SERPs.