25 biggest companies willingly experimenting with blockchain

With blockchain hitting the market and leaving its impact, the best way to dive deep into an analysis is by looking at associated companies.

These top companies that are a part of the Forbes Global 2000 list have been curiously experimenting with blockchain to create new revolutions.

Dabbling in the world of blockchain, here are some of the greatest companies giving you a glimpse of the world you shall soon see with their unique ideas. 

Intel Corporation [INTC]

Location: United States

Sales: $64.03 billion

This popular computer giant has redefined creative thinking as it tries to figure out how hardware impacts blockchain development. 


Location: United States

Sales: $500.34 billion

After using a primitive prototype on a simple pork supply chain, Walmart is looking forward to applying the same tech genius to other grocery chains. 

Microsoft Corporation [MSFT]

Location: United States

Sales: $103.31 billion

Microsoft was one of the first companies that investigated the monetization of blockchain. Through its Azure platforms, it is now intimately connected with blockchain technology.

Apple Inc.

Location: United States

Sales: $247.53 billion

This tech giant is looking forward to time-stamping data through blockchain technology.

Royal Bank of Canada

Location: Canada

Sales: $40.49

The Royal Bank of Canada is relying on blockchain for the simple yet much needed purpose of automating credit scores.

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Location: Belgium

Sales: $56.36 billion

The big name after Budweiser is trying to simplify freight logistics through blockchain.

Samsung Electronics Co.

Location: South Korea

Sales: $224.64 billion

Having made announcements about Nexledger platform created for effective tracking of global supply chains, Samsung’s intentions are quite clear.

Toyota Motor Corp.

Location: Japan

Sales: $265.17 billion

Toyota is dedicated to finding out the potential of blockchain in enabling self-driving cars. 


Location: Switzerland

Sales: $91.23 billion

Involved with the consortium working along with IBM so that unnecessary middlemen can be removed from the process of shipping goods, Nestle seems to be exploring the technology quite well.

Sberbank Russia

Location: Russia

Sales: $46.33 billion

This Russian company came up with a lab dedicated to blockchain in the year 2017. It is now collaborating with the security depository so that corporate bonds can see a hint of blockchain too.

American Express Company

Location: United States

Sales: $37.65 billion

This colossal credit company is trying blockchain with open arms, trying to bless its members with the perfect membership rewards to stand out. 

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria

Location: Spain

Sales: $29.24 billion

Banco Bilbao has declared a corporate loan worth €75 million using Hyperledger fabric and ethereum. It seems to be keen on trying out blockchain and exploring real time benefits.

Oracle Corporation

Location: United States

Sales: $39.47 billion

After joining the Hyperledger Fabric in the year 2017, the company seems keen on launching its very own blockchain platform that can get them going. 

Tencent Holdings Ltd.

Location: China

Sales: $35.27 billion

Announcing work with Shenzhen State Taxation Bureau, Tencent seems to be welcoming towards exploring blockchain and taxes just as well.

AIA Group

Location: Hong Kong

Sales: $31.92 billion

Last year, this insurance monster brought to light a banca insurance platform by bringing Hyperledger Fabric into use. It now successfully runs its own blockchain accelerator.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

Location: China

Sales: $37.87 billion

As a complete eCommerce beast, Alibaba group has given wings to a food supply chain and it also intends on investing in tech. So, it is predicted that a portion of $14 billion Series A is very likely to be the tech investment.

MetLife, Inc.

Location: United States

Sales: $64.08 billion

With all its popularity in the insurance sector, MetLife has initiated a collaboration with Majesco and IBM which likely to result in the building of an unparalleled blockchain platform for insurance.

Facebook, Inc.

Location: United States

Sales: $44.59 billion

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook seems to be openly exploring the advantages of blockchain too. There is a lot more on the cards.

Ford Motor Company

Location: United States

Sales: $159.59 billion

Ford motor has co-launched an effective blockchain research group serving the auto industry. It is being said that it is receiving a patent for the function of controlling traffic flow.


Location: United Kingdom

Sales: $111.48 billion

Prudential has effectively collaborated with StarHub, a Singapore based telecom firm to create a bitcoin trading platform reliant on this technology for smaller businesses. 

Bank of America

Location: United States

Sales: $102.98 billion

Certainly, a big name, the Bank of America is trying to automate the credit creation process by bringing ethereum blockchain into use.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Location: United States

Sales: $235.16 billion

BNSF railroad, a Berkshire subsidy, and Richline Group, a fine jewellery subsidy are relying on this technology for better management. They wish to streamline the supply chain to bring in more organization.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Location: United States

Sales: $118.18 billion

When it comes to JP Morgan, a substantial number of developers can be seen expressing interest in blockchain technology. IHS Markit, an information giant is one such name.

China Construction Bank Corporation

Location: China

Sales: 143.2 billion

The CCB is utilising IBM blockchain platform so that it can streamline the insurance companies and banks together sell financial products.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Location: China

Sales: $165 billion

A patent recently filed by ICBC is engaging in a way of bringing blockchain technology to use to conduct verification of digital certificates. In this manner, a central authority can be easily ruled out.

These huge companies finally have a welcoming stance towards blockchain. Thanks to them, they are inspiring several other smaller companies to bring blockchain technology to use without hesitation.