Improve your SME with technology upgrades

When it comes to technology in your business, you will be sure to appreciate its value as well as the level of capacity it can achieve and how it can bring you the biggest pay off. Although, some things pay off more than others, technology advancements are vital.

If you want to drive your SME into 2020 after the COVID-19 crisis, then you may want to make some changes to the business that will help you rebuild and gain access to new opportunities and successes. The benefits of technology upgrades come with some mammoth perks, but what can we upgrade.

Here are just a few things:

  1. Modernize your website. As the customer-facing side of your business, your website speaks volumes on your behalf. … 
  2. Simplify your systems and have them operate more efficiently. 
  3. Update your operating systems, computer systems and phone systems – improve your network cabling
  4. Fax to email because email marketing is huge and everyone is doing it to make an impact to reach more potential customers. It’s free, doesn’t use paper and is easy to digest.  
  5. Lease your copiers, in fact lease as much as you can! There is no need to buy, and you can lease just about anything that you want. 
  6. Look into a wireless mesh network that also protects you from cyber threats. This is huge. Looking into a network service provider, they can take full control of your system to assist it in working to its full potential and also to keep it safe from any cyber attacks.

In fact, it is believed that a small growing SME business may need to refresh its technology every 18 months. This may not be an entire refresh but it may mean upgrades to stay on top of current trends and to ensure that it is hitting the targets. A company that is falling behind with technology, may lose business to the company down the street who invested time and money into those important upgrades, which instill further confidence into their customers. That means you’re eventually stuck with outdated equipment that you must donate, sell or recycle if you are not willing to upgrade. This is time, effort and sometimes money and it is important to appreciate the technology and treat it as if it is your biggest asset, because in some ways, it is.

Get in the know 

If you have access to faster, more powerful and efficient products, then you will be able to achieve more in a day and also offer new things to customers.  This will mean saving a huge amount of time, increasing productivity of yourself and of your team and increasing revenue. Reliable security poses another big concern because without incredible security systems, you are leaving yourself open to attacks. Breach of data can be costly, which is why modern technology upgrades protect you much better than systems that have not been updated in many months or even years. Stay vigilant and look towards a happier, healthier business future.